Escape Mobility International

Escape’s Golden Circle

We believe that every organisation cares about the safety of its staff and visitors and that no one should be left behind in the building in case of an emergency.

By allowing organisations to be prepared and take their responsibility with regard to the evacuation of disabled employees and / or visitors (visible and invisible disabilities).

We are manufacturer of sustainable evacuation solutions (and provider of evacuation training & maintenance) of the highest quality and with the highest level of comfort for the evacuee. And we have been doing that since 1987.

Escape Mobility company provides high quality evacuation solutions, like the escape-chair®, escape-mattress® and escape-sheet®. we know evacuation since 1987.

Our international company is located in the netherlands (head office) but also directly active in belgium, united kingdom, germany, middle-east and the usa. in addition, escape mobility company is represented by a network of distributers worldwide who supply our evacuation products in their own region.

Why evacuation products?

In case of a calamity, like fire-, smoke alarm or gas escape, all people in the building need to evacuate as safe and quick as possible. However, in case the elevator cannot or may not be used, using the stairs to leave the building is the only option. In case there are people present that need extra assistance leaving the building, it is of upmost importance that evacuation equipment is available.

Who is at risk?

People with visible limitations to use the stairs like people with knee or leg injuries, elderly, pregnant women, people with obesity and disabled people. Also people with invisible limitations like heart- or lung problems, mentally disabled, disorientated people and people with a fragile condition need assistance to evacuate quickly in case of an emergency.

Who is responsible?

The fire and rescue service is not responsible for evacuating people from your building!

Ensure that your general emergency situation plan (GEEP) and your personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) are up to date. Emergencies by definition are sudden events and the objective is to be prepared. Are you prepared to take that risk?
Who are our customers?

Our worldwide customers can be divided in Healthcare (hospitals, care homes, etc…), Rescue Services (ambulances, fire department, police, army) and public buildings (airports, education, government, offices, industry, etc..)

Why choose Escape Mobility Company?

The Escape-Chair® is classified within the EU as a ‘medical device’ and therefore must conform to the provisions of the Medical Devices Regulation, EU 2017/745 which requires all such devices to carry the CE mark. All of our Escape-Chair®, Escape-Mattress® and Escape-Sheet® range of evacuation solutions are produced in Europe, with main supply from Germany and The Netherlands. All of our evacuation equipment is produced to ISO 9001 standard and is tested to TÜV certification. We also do building assessments on fire evacuation.

Innovation and Customisation

Our escape products are developed in-house. This enables our research & development department to respond continuously to the wishes of our customers and also respond to changes in the latest safety requirements. As a result of this, it may imply the further development of an existing product or even the design of a completely new product. We can also manufacture customised accessories to our customer’s specifications.

Courage, innovation and knowledge of the market

The history of escape mobility company dates back to 1987. In that year, the managing director, herman van leeuwen, introduced a whole new way of evacuating persons from buildings in the netherlands, germany and belgium.

Seated in an evacuation chair, a person in need of some assistance could be transported down the steps of a staircase. Up until then, this evacuation method had been unknown in these countries and demonstrations drew large numbers of interested visitors.

At that time under the Company name ‘Handelsmaatschappij H. van Leeuwen’ and later the name ‘van Leeuwen Companies’, evacuation chairs were assembled and supplied.

Later, the name ‘van Leeuwen Companies’ was changed into ‘Escape Mobility Company’, in order to reflect within the name of the Company, the link between the Escape products and the Mobility products.

These Mobility products are products intended for the regular transportation of persons and goods (via staircases).

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