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Fairtrade Vending

Fairtrade Vending have been pioneering Healthy Vending solutions for the education and Health sector across the UK for many years. Combined with their recently launched HEALTHY SNACKS wholesale distribution service, which introduces of a selection of ‘portion controlled’ mini cakes, muffins and flapjacks -The recipes for our Portion Controlled Cakes have been developed to meet the specific requirements detailed by the Health Dieticians.

“Where Calories and protein per portion are important” - (ideal for primary and secondary and NHS patient feeding) to comply with the Schools Foods Standards and NHS CQUIN, combined with a variety of dried vegetable, apple & pear crisps, now offer schools and the NHS a total healthy vending solution and over the counter sales opportunities in addition to their normal supplies.

From Fairtrade Coffee Towers, snack, cold drinks and fresh food vending machines to counter top Bean to Cup and 50% Less Sugar Hot Chocolate machines, Fairtrade Vending can offer tailor-made packages to meet within budgets with lease rental agreements for hospitals, academies and Operating Leases for LEA Schools, to Free on loan hot beverage equipment – based on an agreed volume of hot drinks.

50% Less Sugar Hot Chocolate – table top hot chocolate dispenser - exclusively available through Fairtrade Vending, is a real winner, 70 to 80% of all hot drinks sold in schools is hot chocolate, and at a cost of just 10p per drink + cup to the caterers with an average sale price of 80p to £1.00 -  a staggering 80 to 85% mark-up, what better way to increase your margins!. For hospitals looking to offer a healthier hot chocolate drink then our 50% less sugar granulated chocolate is the perfect solution.

Hot drinks vending machines - whether they be for main canteens for self-service operations, they generate very profitable returns on investment. Some schools and hospitals are selling between 50 to 200 + hot drinks every day and which are the real PROFIT DRIVER of any catering operation. Bean to Cup beverages are now more in demand than ever before as customers want high quality beverages – but not at high street prices!

Cashless Vending – all our machines can either be cashless, cash operated or both – ideal for Out of Hours services. We work with some of the UKs leading cashless system providers which operate within the health and education sectors.

Fresh food vending – can often take pressure away from the serving counters at peak times, in-house produced sandwiches, wraps, cakes and much more can be on offer to students, visitors, patients and staff alike – ideal for NHS 24/7 out of hours service and include microwave Ready Meals such as the Bistro Express range – and with a 9 month ambient shelf life it reduces any wastage.

Cold drinks vending – glass fronted, fully automated bottle and can vendors always prove popular in any given location and again generate very profitable returns. With so many school and CQUIN compliant soft drinks available on the market you’ll have no problem stocking to capacity.

Snack vending machines – healthy snacking is one of the hardest areas to satisfy people, dried fruits, nuts and apple crisps do not appeal to the majority, but brand recognition sells. However, with ever rising levels of obesity in the UK today, more so with the younger generation, educating and encouraging people to choose healthy or healthier options should be made available in every school in the UK today and as the NHS moves towards CQUIN compliance we are seeing a lot new snacks and drinks to cater to these standards .

Fairtrade Vending can assist your’re establishment in two ways – A. becoming a Fairtrade – with our Fairtrade branded hot drinks machines and supply of Fairtrade ingredients and B. introducing or improving a Healthy Vending service with our exclusive H-Factor branded Vending machines.

Over the years there has been campaigns to get rid of vending in schools and hospitals because of lack of knowledge as to what goes in the machines or down to leasing/rental costs. With most schools only trading 39 weeks of the year, the machine sit idle unless they have summer activities and after school clubs. However, with the wide range of healthy drinks and snacks now available, vending machines correctly managed and filled with healthy drinks and snacks should be readily available to students, visitors, patients and staff, which in turn will generate a healthy income. A key factor with a healthy vending operation is that it will assist in educating people and encourage them to choose a healthier option to snack and drink on.

Fairtrade Vending are located in Rochester, Kent, and provide their services as far and wide as Scotland, Wales, Calais in France and across England. With a well-established customer base and growing reputation we strive to provide the Best Service & Best Price.

For further information on our wide range of vending and beverage machines visit our websites.

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