Flabba’s Remote Patient Consultation is a state-of-the-art solution that brings healthcare providers closer than ever before to patients and people in need. Founded by Colin Rhodes, Flabba is based around the philosophy of changing the world. Colin has always wanted to do something for the betterment of the world. He has a diverse background and worked in many capacities- trainee lawyer, consultant, recruiter- before realising that he had a knack for leveraging intelligent video solutions for various businesses industries.

With the encouragement and support of his friends and family, who often act as a sounding board, he decided to explore video conferencing as a product further and pondered a solution that would help the healthcare sector battle its problems.

Having always had the utmost respect for healthcare workers and concerned for patients suffering around the world, he soon devised a remote patient care solution- right when it was most needed.

Remote Patient Consultation comes as a boon in these trying times when social distancing is the norm. Healthcare professionals can use standard video calling tools for providing consultation, too, but there’s a major problem with the safety of the said documents. Remote Patient Consultation tackles this issue by providing a safe platform with simplified document sharing. This allows both the patient and doctors to have the relevant documents in front of them at all times.

Further, there is no need for screen sharing, as all the relevant documentation will be accessible on all the participating devices - making the flow of information way more simplified, and less prone to errors.  Flabba’s solution also provides a simplified consultation booking system, option to provide recorded consultations, virtual patient waiting room, innovation consultation solution, and so much more.

By providing this solution, Flabba has aimed to provide a solution for one of the most raging healthcare problems in the world today - that of doctors consulting patients. When the number of Corona-infected cases is on the rise, the importance of providing assistance while maintaining as much social distance as possible is only increasing. There has been a rise in the requirement of tools that facilitate seamless communication and coordination between healthcare providers and those in need, without needing much exertion on anybody’s part.

The tools like Remote Patient Consultation that aim to provide a virtual environment that simulates a reality where doctors and patients can collaborate, have been on the rise, and offer numerous benefits. From being cost-effective, seamless, and easy to use, to offer specialised features like managing medical documentation - these tools provide all of what is needed for smooth patient-doctor interaction.  These tools are beneficial not only for patients but also for doctors. They simplify the process of booking and managing appointments, using documentation, and communicating easily.

By making sure that doctors have access to all the important documents, these tools ensure more effective patient care. Further, the numerous features offered by remote consultation tools make sure that the lack of a physical meeting environment is not a problem.

Remote Patient Consultation makes it possible to bring healthcare services to the homes of those in need. By allowing seamless management of consultation, prescription, and other features, it enables an environment that replicates the physical environment - where doctors and patients are right next to each other.

In a Corona-struck world, it is more important than ever to promote solutions that not only solve the problem in the long-term but also ensure that short-term issues are avoided. Remote Patient Consultation is one such tool that eliminates the need for doctors and patients to actually meet and provides an environment where both can communicate, and the doctor can offer guidance without any issues.

Healthcare is surely looking for ways to provide help without risking an infection, and to help in that regard, remote consultation tools come in handy.

For as long as we can imagine right now, things are going to be pretty much the same. The need for healthcare is only going to increase while the number of providers is going to remain constant. As a result, there is going to be a skewed ratio of helpers and people needing help. Therefore, the need of the hour is to turn towards a solution that not only takes care of legacy problems but also fits in the context of our world today. The answer to that is a consultation solution that offers a way for clients to connect to doctors remotely.

The need of the hour is to avoid contact as much as possible, and healthcare isn’t exempt from this requirement.  It’s important to ensure as much distance as possible, even between doctors and patients, while not compromising on the quality of care provided. Remote Patient Consultation is a solution to this problem and using it, we can hope for the spread to be limited, and the world to be back on its feet sooner than later!

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