The future of uroflowmetry: Flow-Clean Uroflow toilet - a great relief for patients, nurses and doctors

Two Flow-Clean Uroflow toilets have recently been installed in the urology department of the Laurentius Hospital in Roermond (The Netherlands). "A Flow-Clean Uroflow toilet is so much more pleasant, both for patients and for nurses", says urologist Bas Sebregts. The Flow-Clean Uroflow toilet is the natural solution for hygienic flowmetry. The entire procedure is simple, hygienic and time-saving and there is a reduced risk of contamination.

Existing equipment uncomfortable and less secure
"In the old days, uroflowmetry, a urine test, used a kind of toilet seat with a funnel and a tray underneath it to collect the urine. You can imagine that that wasn't very pleasant for the patient. After all, you're used to just going to the toilet. When you sit on such an 'installation', you feel uncomfortable and even a little insecure.

“Patients respond that they find the Flow-Clean more comfortable and hygienic”

No intensive cleaning needed
"For an investigation like this, you have to come to the out-patients’ with as full a bladder as possible. It often happened that people had such a full bladder that the container was too small to collect all the urine. It would then overflow. Not pleasant for the patient, and really unpleasant for the nurse who then had to clean everything. It was certainly not an ideal situation. Another disadvantage is that the nurse always had to empty the collection tray manually and clean the entire installation carefully after each patient".

Faeces no problem
"After the funnel-and-tray contraption, another solution for performing a urine test came through. The new invention looked quite like an ordinary toilet, but it contained a turntable to which measurements instruments were connected. If you have to empty your bladder completely, you often unconsciously apply some pressure and it is then not uncommon for stools to come along with the urine. That used to happen regularly. When that stool ended up on the turntable, it was thrown around with all the consequences. The patient felt very uncomfortable. In addition, the nurses had to carry out a major cleaning operation. Sometimes the device would even jam completely".

“The use of such a Flow-Clean Uroflow toilet is more pleasant for patients and nurses.”

Improved performance needed
"The old existing equipment was quite prone to failures. And when the special toilet didn't work anymore, we had to let people who came for the flowmetry analysis go to a regular toilet. After all, you can't ask someone with a full bladder to wait another hour or so. In such a case, no measurement could be done. The only thing we could do after that was perform an ultrasound check to measure to which extent the bladder was empty".

Flow-Clean toilet
"Last summer we installed a Flow-Clean Uroflow toilet. At first sight this is a normal toilet. You don't see any special measuring equipment. It also works as a normal toilet, complete with flushing. Peeing on such a toilet is much more pleasant for adult patients and certainly also for children. If some stool accidentally comes along, that is no problem at all.

“It just makes it all feel a little less medical”

Analysis results
"For nurses, it's also more pleasant. They no longer have to work as cleaners but can really do their actual job. Another additional advantage is that the results of the uroflow measurement are processed immediately. In the past, an A-4 came out of the printer, which the nurse then had to scan in again and enter into the patient file. Now the data is directly store in the electronic patient file and urologists can immediately access the examination results".

More comfortable and hygienic
"Our experience with the Flow-Clean Uroflow toilet is excellent. The equipment is more reliable and less prone to malfunctions. Patients tell us that they find it more comfortable and hygienic.

“The efficiency of our department has improved”

All our nurses are enthusiastic and experience working with the Flow-Clean as far more pleasant than before. The efficiency of our department has improved. That is why we have decided to purchase a second Flow-Clean which has been put into use mid-March.

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Urosciences B.V. | T +31 317 61 38 42 | E: |

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