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GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd is a leading producer and marketer of skin and surface hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings. Founded in 1946, GOJO is a family-owned company with a wealth of experience in the hygiene industry and internationally recognised brands, including PURELL® (one of the most trusted brands for skin sanitising) and GOJO® (its brand for specialised soaps and tough soils cleaning solutions).

Backed by a wealth of scientific expertise, and specialist formulations, GOJO has the technology and experience to work in partnership with healthcare facilities/managers to implement effective hand and surface hygiene regimes. This includes providing training on hand and surface hygiene best practice, and practical support with awareness-raising campaign materials designed to promote hygienic behaviour throughout a healthcare setting.

GOJO, THE INVENTORS OF PURELL™, a brand which is trusted in healthcare facilities around the world, is also a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Private Organizations for Patient Safety group. It is a strong advocate of taking a holistic approach to make hand hygiene second nature to everyone in a healthcare setting. GOJO has a dedicated team of Healthcare Support Managers offering a variety of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual facilities.

Finding the right formulas

GOJO has market leading formulas, two of which include; GOJO Mild Foam Hand Soap and PURELL Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub. These hospital grade soaps and sanitisers are tough on germs, yet gentle on the skin, something which is very important, particularly when there is a requirement to regularly wash hands. Also available is the GOJO HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner. Designed to maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels, this formula is essential in supporting a three step approach to hand hygiene - washing, sanitising, moisturising.

Maximising technological solutions

Bringing total solutions to the healthcare industry means more than just providing hand and surface sanitising products. That’s why GOJO has developed a range of technological solutions – including advanced dispenser technology and SMARTLINK™ Total Solutions. They also work in partnership with Surewash to utilise gesture recognition technology, helping to improve hand hygiene practices.

Dispensers are critical in the fight against infections, and they should deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective products to the fingertips of users. Innovative technology such as touch-free dispensers are particularly helpful. These dispensers sense the presence of hands and release just the right amount of product every time. The fact that they are touch-free also increases their hygiene rating and increases the likelihood of people using them.

Combined with other developments such as app-based technology which monitors and reports on hand hygiene and PPE compliance, GOJO systems can help any health establishment make significant strides towards better hygiene.

Support and training when you need it

GOJO believes in a total solutions approach and providing a range of support options to the healthcare industry is a core part in this. The dedicated specialist healthcare team deliver support and training in a variety of ways, from study day support, link nurse forums and clinician based support, to providing support on global healthcare initiatives, undertaking audits/observations with the SMART OBV App and much more.

GOJO also has in-house training programmes, training on the World Health Organization’s ‘Five Moments for Hand Hygiene’, as well as instruction on products, procedures, techniques and skincare.

Changing behaviour

It is essential that staff, patients and visitors support and comply with hygiene rules and regulations for a healthcare programme to be successful.

GOJO offers several tools to help make this happen. These include: guides on product selection and use; skincare advice and skin monitoring with the GOJO Hydromonitor, a ‘Five Moments for Hand Hygiene’ educational video, as well as signage and informative leaflets.

Further information

For more information on the benefits of partnering with GOJO, please contact your local GOJO representative by telephone or email or visit our website.

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