Helping the NHS choose the right infrastructure for future agile working

As we write this article, we have journeyed through lockdown, setting up remote and agile working solutions for the NHS to help them operate as effectively as possible over the short term. We have been working with a number of NHS clients, helping them with their agile working policies, ensuring they have the appropriate infrastructure in place to advance over the long term. As part of the solutions centrally delivered to the NHS, Microsoft Teams was made available for all NHS staff in various guises including NHS.Net, own domains and personal Teams.  

This new way of working looks to remain, and we now have an opportunity to drive efficiencies by revisiting and building upon the solutions delivered in the first half of the year. The NHS has the opportunity to make these solutions sustainable and appropriate for the future. Improving productivity and supporting the working environment.

When used to its full potential, Microsoft Teams can be a complete solution offering virtual visits, secure messaging, central hubs for collaboration and chat, video and voice options. However, we have found instances where unnecessary additional costs can be incurred, and we have been able to help solve these challenges.

We are helping NHS clients understand how these infrastructure solutions can be adopted, which is a technical mire in itself, but as we go through the process every day, we can make this a little easier to navigate.

The NHS wear a number of hats when looking at the longer term solution including patient care, workforce experience, collaboration and communication, efficiency, costs and timescales. With such a wide remit, it is important to have someone supporting them who understands the technology and infrastructure required to fit their requirements.  

Do you need help with;

  • Learning how to introduce Microsoft Teams and use it effectively and efficiently over the long term?
  • Your Agile Working Policy, ensuring the technology you choose will see you through the long term?
  • Working out the feasibility of infrastructure solutions specific to you?
  • Cost avoidance?

If you answered yes, then we can help.
The consultants at 4C Strategies are completely independent and have over 20 years’ experience working within the NHS on IT Infrastructure projects. To find out more, contact one of 4C Strategies’ experienced healthcare technology consultants or visit the 4C Strategies website.

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