Howorth Air Technology

For more than 160 years, the Howorth name has represented technical creativity and expertise in air engineering and its application to climatise and control the working environment.  Howorth’s proficiency in engineering clean air is fundamental to our success in providing world class containment and infection control solutions.

Howorth is a specialist supplier of air technology solutions, serving the global medical, pharmaceutical and wider industrial markets. Our clients include small businesses, blue-chip private companies and the government sector. The company’s strong reputation has been earned by providing well designed, high quality goods, together with a superior level of customer service, both pre and post order.

As a company that prides itself in being at the forefront of technology, the continuous development of our products and services is key to our ongoing success. This is reflected in our recent investment in a new state-of-the-art Research and Development facility at our UK head office located near Farnworth, North West England and is vertically integrated with its own factory producing its exacting full range of products in stainless steel, mild steel or plastic.

This constant push to be the best has proven fundamental to our success in providing world-class containment solutions.  From ultra clean ventilation systems to glovebox isolators and downflow containment booths, Howorth aim to remain at the forefront of clean air technology and contamination control.

In the early 1960’s Howorth’s expertise and skills, in conjunction with the late internationally acclaimed Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sir John Charnley, were applied in response to the needs of the medical profession, with the design and manufacture of the world’s first Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) system for bacterial elimination from surgical operating rooms.

From this pioneering first step, Howorth went on to create the patented Howorth Exflow™ UCV which remains the worlds most advanced and efficient system available today.  Sales of the Exflow™ UCV canopy system to both UK and overseas customers remains strong, but the company now offers an ever-broader range of complementary operating theatre and ITU products.

This was rapidly followed by a series of other innovative products culminating in the total modular operating room with all the services inbuilt.

Exflow™ Evolution

The changing surgical procedures and working practices of the 21st century operating theatre demand flexibility of both the environment and installed specialist equipment. The increasingly popular digitally integrated and hybrid theatres require clear and open access into the clean operating zone. Howorth has responded to these changing requirements with the development of the Exflow™ Evolution – the trusted Exflow™ UCV canopy, but with a screenless upgrade.

The Exflow™ Evolution retains the original benefits, dimensions, electrical and ventilation services requirements as the standard screened Exflow™ UCV.  However, innovative engineering within the discharge plenum produces improved performance without the traditional partial wall infill panels. At the core of the system is Howorth’s patent-pending Coanda air delivery system, creating the virtual air curtain at the edge of the clean zone.

The Exflow™ Evolution does not require any additional low-level return air ductwork, ventilation plant or cooling. Its modular construction is purpose-designed for both the retrofit and new build markets. Plantroom and floor/wall space requirements remain the same as for the standard Exflow™ UCV. This all results in reduced installation time, cost and space. When compared with systems with low level return ducts, the annual maintenance and running costs are significantly reduced.

The Integrated Operating Theatre

With surgical processes evolving, we have become increasingly involved in supplying digital integration systems, selling – as part of the overall ‘package’ to the hospital customer – theatre stacks, PACS viewers, wall and pendant-mounted monitors, and vendor neutral hardware and software.  These systems are capable of connecting many different manufacturers’ theatre components and can provide a vendor neutral ‘backbone’ for all the hardware, plus the software to ‘drive’ the theatre. Digital integration systems typically give surgeons features such as the opportunity to view patient scans prior to, or during surgery, stream live footage to another location, or incorporate video and audio into reports for subsequent review.

Howorth’s Contracts’ Team manages total turnkey projects providing the client with single source responsibility.  Prior to formal handover to the client all products are subjected to final adjustment and witnessed commissioning to prove full compliance with offered performance and client requirements.

Serving the global Pharmaceutical Industry

Howorth’s clean air technology has also been developed for application in the global pharmaceutical industry, to which Howorth has provided world leading contamination control since the 1970s.  The company prides itself on working ethically and responsibly, adopting a dynamic, flexible approach, thinking locally and globally, and producing internationally respected products that protect people, products and the environment.  As a supplier and partner to global pharma companies for many years, we understand the increasingly onerous international health and safety standards that our clients are required to work to.  Our processes include adherence to good engineering practice, rigorous internal checking in the form of design reviews, quality control, traceability and full quality surveillance of all our sub-contractors.

In UltraSAFE™ containment isolators, Howorth continues to develop a wide range of innovative containment solutions for protecting personnel and the environment from Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. These solutions are carefully designed to ensure that they work in harmony with the core processes they are providing a barrier against.

As well as providing fully integrated isolator designs for new processes, Howorth has also developed considerable expertise with the integration of containment solutions in existing processing equipment.

Further to isolator containment, containment by airflow is a well proven concept taken to new levels by Howorth’s air engineers. Howorth’s WorkSAFE™ downflow containment booths are engineered to provide high levels of personnel protection, with the flexibility to enable a multitude of process operations to be carried out.

Finally, sterility testing is one of the most crucial steps in ensuring the safety of products.  The introduction of contaminants through equipment failure and human error can cost you time, money and ultimately your product.  To prevent this, Howorth have developed the EnviroSAFE™ range of aseptic isolators. The EnviroSAFE™ range provides a reliable 6 log reduction of micro-organisms to create a sterile environment for the resting of products.

Bio Decontamination and Genano

In healthcare, poor air handling can lead to disaster; immunosuppressed patients are susceptible to nanosized pathogens causing hospital acquired infections. On the other hand, infected patients contaminate the air and need to be effectively isolated.

Howorth’s expertise in engineering clean air has been fundamental in developing a reputation for providing class-defining containment and infection control, including a wide range of aseptic solutions under our EnviroSafe™ umbrella.  Fully validated decontamination providing 6 log sporicidal reduction, the BioGen™ range offers solutions for all areas, from safety cabinets, small enclosures, hospital theatres and manufacturing facilities.  Howorth also work in partnership with Genano Ltd, working to create and maintain a clean air environment in a multitude of environments.

In laboratories, ultrafine particles and gases can severely damage production processes and lower research quality. Our solutions can address these and even the most challenging air purification needs.  Working with Genano, our expertise ranges from battling against hospital-acquired infections to securing safe study environments for children in schools.

Genano's core advantage is the ability to remove airborne impurities of all sizes - down to nanometre size.  Based on a patented electric air purification method, Genano technology outperforms traditional fibre-filter systems that fail to remove nanosized particles and gases from indoor air.  In addition, Genano kills microbes instead of just collecting them.  Genano represents air purification solutions for the future - available today!

Enzyme Indicators

The success of a decontamination, or general state of air cleanliness in a room can now be measured instantly.  Enzyme Indicators (EI) are an industry-changing advance in measuring decontamination performance.  We believe they will change the world.  No longer will the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry suffer financial losses, wasted man hours and the burden of high risks.  EIs offer a fast, cost effective, accurate and risk-free alternative.

Unlike the traditional Biological Indicator process which involves a wait of 7 days before a result is known, every cycle using EIs can be validated immediately and decontamination performance assured.  So – no wasted man hours, faster product release, each batch is verified immediately, and batch specific decontamination data is delivered


Howorth’s Service and Aftermarket Department offer an ongoing support service over the full lifetime of our products and beyond, to meet your future needs.  As an OEM supplier, we can ensure that your equipment remains in peak condition through the supply of quality approved parts
Howorth can take your existing equipment and modify and upgrade it to ensure that it continues to meet the required standards.  Additionally, Howorth’s service team can also provide air management services in the form of tailored maintenance schedules to ensure that your air quality is not compromised and that your people, products and business receives the maximum protection

Tailored Financial Solutions

Whether you are purchasing equipment or undertaking a full turnkey new build or refurbishment project, Howorth can offer a range of tailored financial packages to suit your budget (subject to terms and conditions).

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