We exist to help people and organisations to be the best they can be.

Our ecosystem of specialist partners - spanning digital, data, technology, people, process, organisational design, insight and culture - is specifically designed to help public sector organisations transform and excel.

Even before the global pandemic, the context in which the public sector operates had never been so volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). The context in which the public sector delivers services to citizens has changed dramatically at a time when funding challenges will be even more acute than during austerity. With the implications of Brexit also still being played out, the need to think creatively and innovate has never been so great. Getting help and support from the right transformation experts is critical.

The challenges that the public sector faces span digital, data, technology, people, processes, organisational design, insight and culture - but no single transformation partner can possibly excel in all those areas. Indeed the best value and innovation is often found in the many excellent SME agencies and boutiques offering services to the public sector via CCS frameworks such as GCloud and DOS. However, they are typically specialists in niche areas and unable to solve the whole problem. Plus, managing multiple partners/suppliers can be really problematic, time-consuming and expensive.

That's why we've created the i10 ecosystem - which was specifically designed to solve these problems. Our ecosystem of specialist partners - spanning digital, data, technology, people, processes and culture - works collaboratively together to solve your biggest challenges in highly cost-effective and innovative ways - bringing the hive mind of our ecosystem experts to bear for you.

We are independent and agnostic - solving your challenges in the right way for you, for citizens and for the public purse. Individually excellent, but together even stronger. Think of us as your App Store for transformation!

As Harvard Business Review recently said, “ecosystem businesses are challenging the conventional view of how businesses operate”. We are passionate about the power of our ecosystem approach to help transform the public sector, harnessing the deep specialisms and innovation held by SMEs and VCSEs as well as larger suppliers and partners. Solving our client’s challenges in the right way for them.

How we deliver optimally

“An agile organisation is one that uses appropriate methods according to the context.” Simon Wardley

Contrary to many others, we don’t believe that agile is the silver bullet for project delivery. Just as bespoke development is not always the right technical approach (more on this below), so agile delivery is not always the right project/delivery management approach. There are circumstances in which it is ideal. Equally, there are circumstances in which it is not. Indeed, an organisation that uses agile everywhere will never be an agile organisation.

We deploy a range of delivery methodologies to manage the work most effectively, tailoring our approach to suit the particular characteristics of the project and client, for example:

  • agile is typically best suited to bespoke/custom built development projects using scrum, kanban and lean methods
  • six sigma / Prince2 / waterfall is most appropriate for projects featuring products or commodities
  • hybrid is often useful for integration/configuration type projects

Selecting the right solution approach

We believe that while each public sector organisation/department clearly has different responsibilities to others, there is often little intrinsically different about the general activities. Our start point, therefore, is that bespoke development / custom-built code should not be the default and that technical debt is a key challenge to overcome.

From a technical perspective, we ensure that the right approach is taken, considering, for each project/solution/service, whether to:

  • buy a product, commodity or service
  • combine or integrate products/commodities
  • configure a product
  • reuse existing software that other departments have built
  • use low code / no-code platforms
  • use standard government technology components such as Verify / Notify and whether / how to reuse artefacts/components that other departments have built: open source code, APIs.
  • develop bespoke code to build something new - likely to be the exception, not the default
  • use an alternative, such as publishing website content, making data or an API available to third parties
  • how to apply relevant government standards including, but not limited to technology code of practice, accessibility and assisted digital, government data standards, GDS service standard, digital by default, open data standards

Our ecosystem approach gives public sector clients the breadth and depth needed to transform. Being independent, we remain totally focussed on solving your challenges in the right way for you.

i10 can be found on major Crown Commercial Frameworks GCloud and DOS. We carry Cyber Essentials certification IASME-CE-008421 and are experienced in working with the UK public sector. For more information, please drop us a line.

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