For nearly 30 years Involve have been a leading UK expert in the design, implementation and support of visual collaboration solutions.

Collaboration is critical to any organisation. It enables the building and maintaining of lasting relationships both internally and externally and allows for the continuous development of business process. Involve create the solutions and technical environments that allow your staff to work together on key projects, using any technology from any location.

We are committed to being aggressive in our attitude towards quality and customer service, primarily since we want to be ranked as the "best" in our business. Quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy for stability and future growth.

Digital Health by Involve

Over the past 10 years, Involve have gained significant experience in delivering Telemedicine services to NHS organisations across the UK, with over 40 MDT suites nationally, providing remote secure video communication between clinicians, irrespective of their location or device type, connecting back to a dedicated central videoconferencing enabled MDT environment.  

Involve has developed, a video and audio conferencing platform which provides connectivity for a wide range of devices, including room systems, desktops, and mobile (tablets and smartphones) via the app.

medio.Link connectivity features in over 90% of Involve enabled MDT installations and is an ‘always on’, reliable and scalable service ONLY from Involve, with 24/7 service options. medio.Link simplifies the videoconference hardware requirement and registers natively to the N3/HSCN network, meaning for NHS to NHS dialling, there is no need to “break out” into the internet.

Every MDT with a medio.Link account has access to a multi-participant cloud-room, connecting up to 15 participants from many devices including iOS, Android, PC, Skype for Business and Teams.

Virtual Clinic

The technology behind our collaboration platform has repeatedly proven itself within the NHS as an effective method of delivering secure video communications between hospital staff, patients and other potential service users.

Virtual Clinic powered by harnesses the technology already utilised and enables clinicians to schedule secure and confidential video consultations with their patients using our online booking portal, which is designed to make booking a Virtual Clinic appointment as easy as possible for both clinician and patient.

In a few simple steps, the user can create a single-use, secure video meeting environment for the clinician and the patient, using technology approved for use by the NHS that conforms to NHS information governance (IG) standards.

Virtual Clinic sits within the NHS N3 network, meaning every Virtual Clinic is completely secure, whether it is a video conference between two people within the NHS network, or users outside of the network at home using the Internet or even 4G data users.

Connect using any device, using the app or via a web browser, for audio and video conferencing that is always on and always reliable, backed by a UK based support team with the option of 24/7 support available.

The platform is being constantly developed to improve the service for our users. New for 2019, we are launching the Virtual Waiting Room as part of the Virtual Clinic service. Just like a real waiting room, the VWR holds patients until a specialist is ready to see them.

Virtual Clinic has been piloted by Nottingham University Hospitals & Macmillan, which 37 per cent of appointments in the brain metastases clinic were held via Virtual Clinic during the pilot. “The feedback from patients has been unanimously positive, with them citing that they found the time they saved from avoiding travelling, and the prevention of disruption as the main benefits from using the Virtual Clinic platform. 95 per cent of patients involved in the pilot have said they would like to continue seeing their clinician via Virtual Clinic” said Micheal from NUH.

Furthermore, Virtual Clinic has been rolled out across 29 departments in Leeds Teaching Hospitals. “We have already had 135 staff attend Virtual Clinic training sessions, and we hope 20% of patients with follow-up appointments will use the service. As the use of the service develops, we want to offer every clinician in the hospital their own Virtual Clinic, to continue improving patient care by using digital solutions. This is the start of a journey for Leeds Teaching Hospitals” says Rob Child from LTHT.

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