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MMD-Monitors & Displays Holding B.V. (‘MMD’), registered in the Netherlands, with their head offices in Amsterdam, is a wholly owned company of TPV Technology Limited (‘TPV’), which is one of the world’s leading monitor and LCD TV manufacturers.

MMD-Monitors & Displays Holding B.V. (‘MMD’) exclusively markets and sells Philips-branded LCD displays worldwide under trademark license by Koninklijke Philips N.V. By combining the Philips brand promise with TPV’s manufacturing expertise in displays, MMD uses a fast and focused approach to bringing innovative products to market.

Philips monitors’ high performance displays combine smart innovations, vivid imagery and timeless style to offer users the perfect solution they require. Philips monitors have been successfully supplying monitors in the UK Healthcare market. By combining their display expertise with other suppliers to reach all aspects of the healthcare remit, Philips monitors are currently used in medical carts such as Ergotron and Kinetic-ID.

Alongside delivering state-of-the-art innovations and technologies to the medical sector, Philips monitors does this in a sustainable fashion. From the very beginning of the supply chain to what happens to the product after its lifespan, Philips monitors increasingly integrates circular thinking principles into their product development as well as business models. This was proven by the recent certification of 64 monitors in their portfolio with the TCO Certified, generation 9 certification.

For the healthcare sector, Philips’ business monitor line-up offers a wide selection of products which can improve workflows and increase productivity of medical doctors and healthcare professionals:

Business monitors with built-in pop-up webcam with Windows Hello integration:

The pop-up webcam, which can be hidden behind the panel when in not use, ensures patients’ privacy. At the same time, by logging in to their Windows PCs using Windows Hello facial recognition instead of typing on a keyboard, medical staff can maintain their hygiene and improve security. Facial recognition makes sure that unauthorised persons cannot login and compromise confidential medical data.

Professional business monitors with USB-C docking station:

Monitors with built-in USB-C docking station can easily be the main connection hub for an external laptop, or a miniPC. USB-C connection enables a single cable connection to the laptop, where the laptop can be charged or powered via USB-C Power delivery and the display signal can be transferred at the same time. When further USB-A ports on the monitors are connected to keyboards, mice and printers, and other peripherals, they can be accessed when the laptop is connected to the monitor’s USB-C input as well. RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connection and DisplayPort in the “USB Docking PRO” models additionally offer secure network connection via USB-C, or daisy-chaining multiple monitors while only a single USB-C cable is connected to the laptop. This easy and clutter-free solution is crucial for medical staff which work in a flexible way, working from home with their laptops and continue to work on their desks in the hospital.

Touch monitors:

Philips touch monitors offer innovative, user-friendly solutions for a wide array of usage scenarios and professions. Equipped with Projected-Capacitive (P-Cap) touch these interactive displays can support up to 10 points and feature advanced IP65 protection against contact, water, and dust. They can be used with gloves, stylus or bare fingers, offering hospital staff a hygienic way of using their PCs. Today already employed in medical carts, these touch models offer medical staff a clean, easy, and unique way to interact with the data they need.

Green monitors:

Philips monitors feature innovative, ecologically-friendly technologies for a greener tomorrow. Energy efficiency, fully recyclable packaging, compliance with strict international environmental standards, and freedom from harmful substances such as mercury and PVC/BFR are some of the features to help building a brighter future for all.

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MMD Monitors & Displays B.V.
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