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hemoCARE - the efficient test method for the early detection of colorectal cancer
The 3-hole Guaiac test hemoCARE has established itself worldwide as a high quality test to detect traces of blood in the stool.
The 3-hole test method has contributed to the correct diagnosis in an increased number of cases due to the higher sample number. An optimal color development in the result field is achieved by using a modified buffer solution with a stable pH value. The use of high quality filter paper for the hemoCARE product has improved the readability factor of the test result. These optimisations lead to a significantly improved level of sensitivity at the same level of specificity.

immoCARE-C - the effective testing method for thr early detection of colorectal cancer
With immoCARE-C, a testing method for the detection of human haemoglobin in stool samples based on sensitive antibodies, eating restrictions are no longer necessary, either before or during the testing period. This achieves greater compliance along with improved accuracy. Clinical trials have shown that by lowering the required level of evidence (i.e. the amount of haemoglobin present in the stool) the success rate of polyp detection more than doubles.
The sampling of the stool using a buffer in a pre-filled sample container is more hygienic and user-friendly. The tip of the container is broken off and some of the sample mixture placed on the sample field of the test cassette. The result (purple lines) is easy to read in the result field, and is no longer influenced by the color of the stool itself.

myCARE Cholesterol Health Care Test – easy testing at home
With this Cholesterol Test, it is possible (additional to medical examination) to receive a reliable estimation if the cholesterol level is in the normal range.

myCARE Blood Glucose Health Care Test – easy testing at home and on the way
The most common metabolic disorder is diabetes mellitus which, if untreated, leads to vascular diseases - renal insufficiency (glomerulosclerosis), retinal damage (retinopathy, blindness), or arterial diseases (heart attacks, apoplexy). For an appropriate medical treatment, an early detection of the disease has high importance. With this test it is easy, fast and reliable to take a precautionary measure.

myCARE Urinary Infection Health Care Test - easy testing at home
A urinary infection is an infection of the efferent urinary tract which is mostly caused by bacteria (esp. E. coli bacteria). This is a three-in-one test to detect the presence of white blood cells (leucocytes), proteins and nitrites in the urine. A positive result for any of these substances is shown by a change in the respective colour field on the test strip.

viola Chlamydia Test - for both private and professional use
This test is used to detect Chlamydia trachomatis, which is one of the three species of Chlamydia-bacteria. Infections with Chlamydia trachomatis are the most sexually transmitted infections.

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