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The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham opts for space and time saving charging solutions for GDPR compliant Surface Pro Deployment.

The Challenge

With the integration of GDPR throughout the whole of the UK, the need for safer, encrypted data within the hospital is imperative for The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham (ROH). Matthew Maycock, Technical Projects Lead sought a secure, wall mounted charging cabinet to roll out throughout ROH.

In a busy environment with multiple users and multiple devices, it was essential that compartments were always locked but allowed clinicians access to their devices quickly and easily.

Matthew explained, “I can see huge benefits of having a one code lock system. It prevents so many clinical risks. The time saving lock means we can ensure staff have access to devices exactly when they need them, and that devices are safe and secure when they don’t”.

Microsoft have recently partnered with the NHS to integrate fraud protection in all new Surface Pro units. ROH have invested substantially in the new Surface Pro units, a monumental step towards a safer, more reliable digital environment. A safe device is half the journey, but pivotal to long term paperless success is an equally stringent approach to device management.

ROH had trialled a storage and charging unit from another manufacturer. The unit was wall mounted and made from metal. Soon in to the trial ROH found that the metal sliding door stopped 80% of the hospital Wi-Fi getting through to devices. A lack of connection meant devices could not be regularly updated, posing multiple threats to security and data encryption.

The Solution

Matthew Maycock contacted Marvin Douglas, LapCabby UK Sales Manager, to discuss a charging unit that would be space and time saving and would ensure all surface pro units are always fully charged and encrypted.

The LapCabby Lyte Wall unit, specifically designed for Microsoft Surface Pro, was found to be the most suitable product to meet the hospital’s requirements. A free trial period was agreed for Matthew to put the unit to the test, ensuring the investment was right for them prior to commitment.

The trial period quickly identified several unique challenges. First, due to limited space the storage unit had to be mounted above existing storage in the hospital; this meant devices at the top of the unit were too high to reach safely. Due to location and air flow, we recognised it was also necessary to install extra air vents to ensure optimised cooling without the need for a fan.

“Infection control within the NHS is always a priority. Fans on wards can spread dust and germs which can cause serious problems for patients. If patients have to stay in hospital for longer periods of time, trusts are issued with fines and it costs more time for nursing staff. IT has so much responsibility and we have to consider every part of patient care.” explained Matthew.

Through a consultative and collaborative approach, LapCabby worked closely with ROH to distinguish their unique requirements and develop a solution with a specification that was tailored entirely to them.

We designed a new key pad entry locking system to ensure time was saved when locking the unit and staff could access devices quickly and easily. The unit was made smaller with less space between device compartments meaning it could be mounted in a much lower position on the wall and extra air vents were installed. These adaptations made the unit much safer for clinicians removing and storing devices.

Close collaboration with our in-house team was a significant ‘value add’ according to Matthew, “the fact we worked together on space saving, infection control, ventilation and our overall spec saved us so much time, energy and spend. Hospitals have so little space and health and safety costs so much. Having a team who would work with us at every step of the way was so valuable’.

Highlights of the Birmingham Royal Orthopaedic Lyte Wall:

  • Custom built unit with smaller frame to protect clinical staff when removing devices
  • Increased ventilation ensuring devices are kept totally cool whilst charging
  • One-point locking system for main door to save time and keep to directives
  • Close collaboration over specification to ensure optimal solution

The Benefits

Concerns surrounding data protection and encryption are now a thing of the past for ROH. The Lyte Wall SP ensures that devices across all departments are kept secure, fully charged, ventilated and ready to go.

Accessing those devices for staff is now so much easier. The custom-made locking unit means clinical staff do not have to enter locking codes or re-lock the Lyte Wall once they have retrieved the device they need. They just open, lock and go!

Matthew said, “Only needing to lock the unit once saves seconds. Those seconds don’t sound like much but over time through a day, month, year, calculate to a huge amount of time wasted for clinical staff and has a massive impact on patient care. We must keep that at the centre of everything we do. LapCabby have worked with us to keep those same values at the core of this project.”

There are now 10 Lyte Wall units safely mounted on walls throughout ROH. These can be found behind nurse’s stations, in ICU and within private wards. Their discreet design means they do not intrude on the existing interior design, can fit neatly into pre-existing space so areas do not need to be reorganised to accommodate the unit and are slim and small enough to function silently in the background.

Benefits at a glance

  • Increased security of devices and data throughout the hospital
  • Small, space saving, wall mounted units
  • Time saving locking mechanism
  • Silent charging without a fan to prevent the spread of infection

Why LapCabby?

Working together on specific projects to get the perfect fit is what LapCabby do best. We understand that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that is why we will work closely with you to understand what your needs and pain points are to design the exact model to solve your problem. With 20 years’ experience delivering innovative charging solutions, whatever the sector, our collaborative approach to all projects means that we can help transform the way you secure, store and charge all your devices.

“LapCabby have been so easy to work with and have understood our battles from the beginning. The new Lyte Wall unit you have fitted for us is absolutely perfect”.

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