LFS manufacture, install and maintain fire doors and screens. We provide our passive fire protection products and services to the construction industry in both the public and private sectors.  As well as manufacturing and installing fire doorsets and screens, we also provide a one-stop, long term solution of ongoing service maintenance and support. This aspect of our service is particularly relevant to the health sector as we are backed up by all of the leading fire industry accreditation bodies which ensures continual compliance beyond door installation.

The fire stopping performance of a fire door is dependent on its upkeep, which is why it is vital that they are checked and maintained regularly. We undertake full, onsite, inspections of existing doors and screens to check compliance with current legislation. We interpret Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) and provide recommendations of repair work necessary to achieve optimum compliance.

As a BM-Trada certified company, we will ensure your doors are 100% compliant with fire safety regulations and completely effective. We will also provide advice on the suitability of upgrading existing doors.

To aid and assist with this work we have a fleet of mobile workshops that enable our skilled and fully trained operatives to carry out maintenance and repair works where a multitude of doors need to be worked on and where it’s preferable to undertake these works on site.

For any of these services call Freephone 0800 0356827

We make it a priority to stay at the forefront of passive fire protection through continual testing and certification with all of the major fire industry bodies such as Exova BM TRADA and FIRAS. This is reflected in all aspects of our service but also in our latest initiative; a webstore which provides online access to the very best fire stopping products. All of which are available at the click of a button and are backed up by an extensive bank of knowledge and experience that comes with over 10 years in the fire stopping business.

You will find a range of Fire, Smoke and Acoustic seals from a choice of market leading manufacturers and in various designs, sizes and colour ranges, all of which have been independently tested and are fully compliant. See the range here.

As well as fire seals our product range covers all intumescent products that are essential to the effectiveness of a fire door and building. Our Architectural Seals include Drop Seals, Perimeter Seals and Threshold Plates that all provide the necessary level of fire resistance. We offer products from both Aura and Lorient. Find them here.

Fire resistant glazing is an essential component of a doorset. Our Intumescent Glazing Systems will hold glass firmly in place where a weakness could be created within the door. Without the effective product in place, fire can take a hold where the timber and glass meet. Our products, including 30 minute and 60 minute systems, from Lorient, are the best the market has to offer. Find them here.

Wherever air moves, fire and smoke can travel too. And, where ductwork passes through different areas of a building, it provides an easy path for fire and smoke to spread. Our Air Transfer Grilles combine air movement with essential fire protection. In everyday use, air can pass freely through the grilles to allow good ventilation. However, in a fire, the intumescent expands, fusing the grille into a solid block that stops the fire spreading. Find our range here.

Our door hardware includes door closers, door views and letterplates. All of these products will meet security and visual requirements, within the Health Sector, and are manufactured to the highest standards and to fit a range of door styles and sizes. Our smoke resistant letterplates provide protection against fire and smoke, at all temperatures, when fitted to a previously tested door set. See the range here.

Our popular Door Closers from Dorma and Synergy are keenly priced, fully compliant and available in a choice of sizes and finishes. Find them here.

Our range of ironmongery has been carefully sourced by experts in our business. We have a wide variety, available, to cover the all the necessary requirements of healthcare projects. See the range here.

To meet demand, we have recently added a range of Fire Signage goods as well as consumables that are keenly priced and offer the convenience of an online service. Find them here.

LFS are committed to delivering excellent levels of service and competitive pricing. As a business that has established itself as a true specialist in passive fire protection, we hope that you will find the e-commerce aspect of our offer both reliable and convenient. 

0800 0356827

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