The Magic of Science

Air Sentry Limited

All well and good talking about the magic of science but how does that transpose into reality? Air Sentry has been a trusted supplier of Medical Air Systems to the NHS for over 20 years. Modular in nature, Air Sentry is the only system currently available that has been purpose designed alongside the NHS. Today it is in widespread use across all clinical disciplines and widely accepted.

British Designed, British Manufactured

Air Sentry are an English company who have pioneered Air Purification Systems for clinical use since 2000. Our story is that we came into being due to dangling ‘stuff’.

Our founder was the innovator behind Kreuzer (UK) pendant systems and helped develop the overhead systems market during the ninety’s. He noted that biological material was accumulating on the arm’s upper surfaces. In investigating this he found that there was an issue with the claimed air changes hospitals felt they were getting and set out to design a solution that could be retrofitted to any clinical environment. From this the early systems were born, and it took through to 2007 to get a system that not only worked but was also able to include a fresh air supply. From 2007 we set out to protect patients and staff, protecting life using ultra clean air technology.

2010 ICU

We were asked to come up with a solution which would allow an ICU space to be utilised safely, where the existing building prevented the installation of lobby areas.

Selectable pressure differential was installed, supplying temperature managed fresh air or pulling air to create a negative pressure in the patient area. At the same time air purity was assured with a wall mounted unit, near ceiling height and well out of the work area.

Twelve years later the system is well accepted by ward staff and is not quite halfway through its expected design life. There have been zero failures. Over the last twelve years the ward has noted a remarkable reduction in H.A.I rates, and we are hoping a clinical paper will be produced to support this shortly. Anecdotally rates have dropped to near zero, including during the pandemic.

How does Air Sentry work?

As can be seen from the illustration, the core system is wall mounted, well away from patients and staff. This means it does not physically impact the area in any way. The unit generates a whole room air current which leads to exceptional levels of room dilution and mixing.

This was validated independently by pathogen research in Leeds in 2010, and we have test data available upon request.

HEPA 14 vs ULPA 15 Certification
Our filters exceed the HEPA standard (we use ULPA15 media), but we down specify to ensure that our marketing claims are below our actual capability.
All Air Sentry units have a minimal filtration efficacy of 99.9995% at 0.3µm. The systems are more efficient for both smaller particles and also anything larger. This means that all known pathogens in their environmental state are completely captured by our system.
Due to our hugely efficient approach to air mixing and dilution our systems can maintain a clean room level environment for any clinical area. We can achieve this whilst seeking to comply with the ethos of HTM03.01 due to our ability to include fresh and temperature managed air.

Clear Air Safety is our core Ethos

It is well known that air to a pharmacy clean room standard, ISO EN Level 8, is extremely clean and a safe working environment.

Air Sentry believes that when air purity is deployed correctly, alongside effective ventilation approaches, any clinical area maintained at an equivalent to ISO EN Level 8, when occupied, is also extremely safe. We lower this to accept EN ISO Level 9 (Fresh Air) for most non clinical areas. We then set out to prove our system on site, offering pre and post implementation testing to ensure that an occupied clinical area is reaching ISO EN Level 8.


The system is designed for clinical use, and we understand that complex controls are burdensome, especially under stress.

Air Sentry is always a single step to initiate via a single button. This makes for exceptional end user acceptance levels. The unit can be key locked to allow centralised control where required and can be supplied inter-faceable to central building management systems (BMS). A true clinical grade system that simply works, 24/7 backed by a ten year warranty.

Air Sentry offers exceptional service and solutions for clinical areas. Why not contract us today to arrange a no obligation consultation?

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