Manufacturer of water boilers for staffrooms and ward kitchens.

Calomax has been making water boilers for the NHS since it was created 75 years ago.

Then, as now, the boilers are all built by hand in small batches and 100% tested prior to delivery. The NHS has always benefitted from very special prices; today’s NHS price list is significantly below our normal selling price, and £200 - £300 less than the imported boilers that some hospitals still install.

The Calomax range of wall-mounted and counter-top boilers has been designed to meet all NHS requirements: from the 5 litre wall-mounted model which is the standard staff-room boiler, to the key-controlled push-button boilers designed for mental health environments, and the 22 litre High-Tap models developed for busy kitchens and conference facilities.

All Calomax boilers are WRAS-Approved and incorporate our unique integral scale-inhibitor which allows for a manual descale in hard-water areas – caustic, acid-based descalants and expensive water filters are NOT required with Calomax boilers.

In addition to the savings to be made on the purchase cost, our boilers are the easiest to install and maintain, and spare parts are available from stock – there is no need for hospitals to carry more than a few items themselves.

Technical training is supplied on-site free of charge, and lifetime technical support is also available at the same price!

Please visit our website where you will find spec. sheets, BIM models and technical information for all the Calomax boilers. There are also installation guides and O&M manuals available. The special NHS prices are not listed, but we will be pleased to email you the price list upon request.

British-Made, WRAS-Approved and competitively priced – Calomax boilers are made for the NHS

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