MBKB Limited

Want to develop your career with leadership skills and also sector based professional development?

Concerned you cannot do both?

MBKB deliver programmes built specifically around your individual company vision and values. By working with you to create a bespoke programme driven by our technical knowledge and experience, we offer an unrivalled training solution.

A variety of programmes and routes are available each one individually tailored coached and designed around the apprentice and the Business’ s specific needs, we ensure all delivery adopts an exclusive approach incorporating your NHS’s unique ethos and culture.

Not only that,

We are delighted to be able to offer an exclusive range of apprenticeship programmes which not only incorporate the ‘Edward Jenner Leadership Programme’ but also career pathways and CPD development linked to your role and department, each one fully tailored, with your job role and career built in to the heart of the Apprenticeship.

Single learning – Double Impact

Simply put, our vision is this

“Empowering to self-discover the secrets of your success and elevate your future.”
We are delighted to be able to offer an exclusive range of apprenticeship programmes 

  • Payroll Administrator Level 3
  • Payroll Assistant Manager Level 5 
  • HR Support Level 3 
  • HR Consultant Partner Level 5
  • Internal Audit Practitioner Level 4
  • Quality Practitioner Level 4
  • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Level 4 
  • Team Leader Supervisor Level 3
  • Junior Management Consultant Level 4 
  • Operations Departmental Manager Level 5
  • Customer Service Level 3
  • Business Administration Level 3

We offer range of teaching methods, flexibly delivered.

  • Tutoring 
  • Coaching 
  • Mentoring
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Open and Closed cohort options
  • Conferences
  • Industry Expert and Guest Speaker Sessions
  • Peer to Peer Networking

Supplier Profiles

Levabo ApS

Levabo develops and manufacture solutions for healthcare and prevention and treatment of pressure


2DSurgical have enabled hundreds of hospitals worldwide to successfully introduce GS1 instrument-