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MIRACL is the world's fastest MFA – now with a 99.99% login success rate.

Single-step MFA is a unique technology that matches your personal device to a PIN only you know, delivering highly secure, password-free login in under two seconds. Compliant with PSD2 and all major regulations, MIRACL stores no user data and requires no hardware to run or use. It’s a revolution in login technology.

We understand that healthcare organisations operate within a strict regulatory environment, working with sensitive information which must be secure and compliant with regulations on electronic communication - whether teams work centrally or remotely.

Each new change in process and technology increases the risk of a potential attack and puts valuable data at risk. When NHS Digital announced its directive to ensure multi-factor authentication (MFA) across IT services within the NHS, MIRACL was perfectly placed to deploy their single-step MFA system in these world-renowned hospitals, in partnership with Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Where other authentication systems add complexity, MIRACL is even simpler to use than a password. All users need is their device and a PIN code of their choosing. No downloads. No extra steps, SMS, push notifications, or key cards.

MIRACL combines multi-factor authentication with the latest Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, meaning that no personal data is stored or transmitted, reducing exposure to GDPR and making things safer for everyone involved.

Cloud-based, super scalable, PAYG, and instantly compatible with any device, MIRACL is the fastest way to enhance UX and win lost revenue. Its unrivalled 99.996% login success rate sets a new standard for a sector where success rates of ~75% are considered good. And it has a direct impact on your bottom line: cutting support costs by 30% and reclaiming an estimated 15% of traffic lost to poor login experiences.

How does MIRACL’s multifactor authentication make Healthcare safer?

As the healthcare industry relies more on technology, the risk of cyber attacks on its systems increases. How can healthcare organisations reap the benefits of the latest technological advances while keeping patients’ records safe?

Cybersecurity must not only be safe, but it also needs to be easy to use. MIRACL doesn’t require users to download or store anything. All accounts are 100% resistant to ALL remote attacks, so hackers go elsewhere. MIRACL offer the following benefits:

  • Provides better security: there is no need for credentials, such as usernames, passwords and OTP seeds, and no data will be stored on a mobile device.
  • Affordable: Clients add users as needed, and we only bill for usage.
  • Easy to implement: MFA is simple to activate and understand as a cloud-based service, with one NHS Trust implementing MIRACL codelessly in just 15 minutes.
  • Just add it: MIRACL can be extended into any desktop or mobile application via web languages.
  • Meets regulatory compliance: MIRACL is ideal for regulated industries, such as finance, government and healthcare, since credentials are not stored in the cloud.
  • Scalable: For less than the monthly cost of a few SMS messages to a single user, MIRACL users get company-secure authentication for all customers, employees and partners.
  • Improved end-user experience: A simple 4-digit PIN, selected by the user, is all the end-user must remember - across all applications and identities they want to access.

Unlike traditional 2FA, MIRACL requires no trade-off between user experience and security.
Working in healthcare can be stressful. Technology shouldn’t add to the workload but make accessing vital patient information easier and safer for both clinicians and patients. MFA is the best way to ensure that.

Our global portfolio of clients includes Credit Agricole, Cashfac, Experian and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, while MIRACL technology is licensed to the US Government, Intel, Google and Microsoft.

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