Movesense - the one-stop building block helping medical wearables innovators across the globe

Measuring health conditions with new, lightweight medical wearables can bring a host of benefits to patients and healthcare systems, including earlier detection of conditions, more timely intervention, and more effective treatment and rehabilitation.

Compared to traditional methods, the new wearable solutions are more cost-effective, easier to handle, more comfortable for the user, available for continuous use, and may allow the patient to use them autonomously.

Innovators can run into issues trying to transform their big idea into a healthcare solution though, such as developing and testing new hardware and seeking certification for medical use.

From monitoring heart patients to assessing balance in elite sports teams, Finnish manufacturer Movesense, a spin-off from the top-class sports watch manufacturer Suunto, is providing solutions to these challenges to developers of medical wearables across the globe.

Off-the-shelf tech keeps innovators’ focus

Movesense is an open, programmable, wireless ECG and movement sensor, and classified as a Class IIa medical device accessory under the EU Medical Device Directive. It enables innovative health companies develop wearable health solutions that improve patient outcomes and increase healthcare efficiency.

When developing a new solution, innovators must decide how much time, energy, and investment to put into hardware development. Off-the-shelf technology can save both time and money and help bring solutions to market quicker.

Wide range of applications

Developers are currently working on a wide variety of applications, using Movesense Medical sensor for instance to detect arrhythmias, improve the quality of elderly care, measure the motion of joints before and after arthroplasty, and during rehabilitation to track the quantity and quality of exercises after an injury or operation.

The possibilities of using this versatile, lightweight sensor in remote healthcare, clinical assessments, and self-monitoring of patients are almost endless. Read case studies about solutions that are already on the market.

Movesense Medical sensor key features

  • Small and lightweight (9.4g/0.33oz with battery)
  • Shock and water resistant – originally developed for sports
  • Wireless data transmission with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Single channel ECG, heart rate, R-R intervals
  • Movement measurement (9-axis IMU: acceleration, gyro, magnetometer)
  • On-board memory for logging data
  • Programmable - open API, developer tools, sample code and technical support available
  • Available as white label for custom branding
  • Class IIa Medical Device Accessory, EU medical device directive 93/42/EEC

Download Movesense Medical datasheet

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