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NB Data are a trusted telecoms, IT and technology supplier offering the best value solutions tailored to your requirements with a guaranteed stress-free buying experience. Our satisfied customers include NHS, Doctors on Call, emergency services and many health professionals.

We are professionals in working from anywhere involving technology and meeting solutions and we supply products from leading manufacturers, including Poly, Sennheiser Jabra, Konftel, Vidicode, HiHo Solutions, and many more.

Has the patient-health professional relationship changed forever?

2020 was the year that we endured the trials and tribulations of the video meeting and found (often) that the kids knew more about Zoom and Teams than we did! Health professionals quickly learned how to consult with and triage their patients via video with varying results.

Whether the doctor’s surgery returns to normal or adopts more remote consultations remains to be seen. Video consultations certainly enhanced the traditional MDT meeting, for example, with greater patient participation than ever. The NHS, in general, has geared up for increased use of video conferencing with extra funds. NB Data can also supply products through our DaaS (Device as a Service) programme to spread payments and keep users up to date with shifting technology, for example, the increased use of products with Microsoft Teams buttons.

For the larger meeting audience, where contact needs to be minimised, access to a video or audio call is now possible via a mobile device or a one-touch keypad. Cameras can now track the person speaking, supporting social distancing, and background and in-room noise-cancelling improve the overall experience.

Video application suppliers like StarLeaf, Zoom and Teams have collaborated with Poly, Yealink and other manufacturers to certify conferencing equipment and devices. It’s here that NB Data can help with advice for larger meetings, small consultation (huddle) rooms, or health professionals working from home.   

Home-working, the new normal?

The rush to work from home in 2020 revealed new considerations: dealing with noisy backgrounds, suitability of workspaces, poor quality of video and audio on laptops, or lack of sufficient WiFi coverage. The addition of a noise-cancelling headset and webcam is a solution that will quickly upgrade sound and visual quality in online meetings.

NB Data can supply individual solutions to suit all budgets, including;

  • Webcams, headsets, laptops, monitors, wireless keyboards, and mice
  • IP phones, portable speakerphones, single desk call recording
  • Smartphones with cost-reducing mobile phone contracts
  • WiFi routers and extenders

Where safety and comfort are key

To improve comfort and avoid health and safety issues, NB Data also supply;

  • Laptop risers
  • Sit/Stand desks
  • Upright wireless mice
  • Miniature wireless keyboards
  • Flexible monitor stands and arms

For virus prevention and detection at home and work, the HiHo Solutions range includes:

  • Wall-mounted infrared fever detection units
  • Contactless sanitiser dispensers
  • Personal sanitiser sprays
  • See-through masks
  • Desk screening
  • Face visors

For constant touch solutions, Poly, Vtech, and others have launched products with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial coatings, including;

  • Anti-bacterial coated telephones
  • Anti-microbial, secure DECT cordless phones

New for 2021

In 2020, there were worldwide shortages of webcams, headsets and other USB devices caused by lockdowns in various countries. To ensure supply to our customers, we manufactured our own range of webcams, headsets, and USB accessories. With over 80,000 units sold, the HiHo Solutions range has grown to over 30 affordable products to solve everyday technology, safety, and well-being problems.

The in the HiHo Solutions range is the Lingo Plus Language Translator, a handheld device with one-touch access to 108 language translations. The user records a word, phrase or sentence(s) to the Lingo Plus, and it instantly plays the translation and shows it on screen. Lingo Plus also includes an image scanner to translate documents.

The last word.

At NB Data, we keep our customers happy by becoming their lowest risk, best value supplier of telecoms and technology.
Best value isn’t always defined by the cheapest or the most expensive but by the work we put into making it easy for our customers to buy through listening to their requirements, and if they hit a snag, to support and resolve problems quickly.

You can see comments from our happy customers here.

Please call, email or visit our website where you can view our extensive range.

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