Nineteen Recruitment

Nineteen Recruitment is a multi-award winning recruitment agency that specialises in the health and social care, education, and public sectors.

We understand that the NHS and government bodies across the public sector need to be able to respond to the UK's biggest staffing challenges in both a timely and efficient manner.  Nineteen Recruitment is committed to providing you with a professional and reliable end to end service, utilising our specialist knowledge of the public sector, education, social care, and healthcare sectors, and our passion for first class recruitment.

Our core values are rooted in honesty, transparency, excellence, and delivering ethical recruitment. We have a proven track record in developing positive and purposeful relationships with clients from both the public and private sector, delivering an end to end recruitment service that is robust, swift, proactive, and honest, resulting in successful appointments across a diverse range of positions, disciplines, and locations.

Take a closer look at us:

  • As an independent recruiter and an SME, we are small enough to deliver a highly personalised service but big enough to confidently meet all your recruitment needs.
  • We are a multi award winning recruitment company. We are proud to have won regional and national awards that have acknowledged the quality of service we provide.
  • Our transparent and ethical service has earned us positive feedback from the public sector clients we work with both regionally and nationally.
  • With the expansive sector knowledge we have on our team, we are able to offer a recruitment service that doesn't limit us to only a select number of job types, job roles, salaries or locations. Instead, we are able to offer a holistic end to end recruitment service that meets your needs.
  • Our strong sense of company culture helps us to deliver  an excellent standard of service every single time.
  • In a candidate survey, 100% of candidates surveyed said they would recommend Nineteen to a friend, relative, or colleague.
  • We are Cyber Essentials certified.

We are committed to delivering a fully comprehensive and efficient recruitment process. This is an end to end process designed to meet all of your recruitment needs regardless of the role, contract type, or discipline.

Having worked within the health and social care, and public sectors for many years, we have vast specialist knowledge, and a firm grasp on the candidate market.  While we are based in the North East, we have  vast experience of successfully recruiting outside of the region, having recruited for positions across London, the North West, the South West, and the Midlands. We have the expertise on our team to offer our service UK wide, and we are not limited to the type of roles we work on.  Our consultants are experienced and highly skilled Healthcare Recruiters who will invest time in understanding your role, its requirements, and will then use their knowledge of the candidate market, together with a package of tools and resources to identify the strongest candidates for your consideration.

Once candidates are identified, we manage the full end to end process, liaising with you and the candidates throughout the assessment process, and providing support with the offer and the appointment of the candidate. We will carry out compliance checks together with any additional vetting and verification checks that you require, and we will endeavour to complete these as quickly as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays to your recruitment process.

We maintain communication with both you and the candidate until the candidate has successfully taken up appointment and started with you. We do this to ensure the desired outcomes have been met and that you are satisfied with the process.

Our Candidate Care

  • We know that our candidates are the 'stars of our show' and  as such we deliver a high standard of candidate care, ensuring they feel valued and represented fairly and honestly.
  • We ensure our candidates understand the application process, inclusive of the assessment, vetting and verification processes.
  • We ensure candidates are fully briefed on the opportunity, supporting them at every stage of the process, ensuring they are adequately prepared.
  • Via our high standard of candidate care, we ensure candidates are kept informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process. This minimises the potential risk of dropout or disengagement.
  • We notify candidates of their success or failure at each stage.
  • We are genuinely interested in what our candidates have to say about our process, and so invite our candidates to give honest feedback. We capture this feedback and use it as part of our ongoing self evaluation.

For a discussion about how we can meet your needs, please call us or visit our website for further information.

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