Welcome to Opera, a leading British manufacturer dedicated to stylish design and the power of technology to create profiling care beds and pressure care mattresses that enhance lives, promote health and deliver comfort.

For over a decade, Opera have been the chosen supplier to some of the UK’s leading care providers. We manufacture and supply profiling beds to both the NHS and community, as well as care homes and new developments. We’re committed to creating products that balance stylish, innovative design with profound nursing functionality. Our collection of profiling beds caters for varying care needs and are designed to help facilitate exceptional care. We partner with experts across the health and care sector which include, Tissue Viability Nurses, RN’s and Clinicians and Occupational Therpists to support our products in being the best they can be.

Our latest addition to our pressure care collection is the Opera® AutoTurn Lateral Turning System, clinically reviewed by Joy Tickle, Independent Tissue Viability Nurse Consultant with over 35 years’ experience within the NHS and community. The AutoTurn system delivers automated turning to high-risk patients on pressure care turning plans. In doing so, users can be turned without the intervention of a carer. The AutoTurn assists with product selection as it can be used with any bed/mattress. Meanwhile, the system is easy to install and use, and requires minimal career training and support. Improvements in user wellbeing, staff time savings and increase in job satisfaction and productivity are a few of the benefits with automated turning. Our latest C.U.E™ (Carer, User, Efficiency) Model showcases all the key benefits associated with the AutoTurn system, whilst our online cost saving calculator provides a simple breakdown of how the system is a potential return on investment.

Our extensive profiling bed collection ranges in warming design, functionality, and finish. Our Classic Profiling Beds are a cost-effective option which provide practicality and durability with the user in mind. The Signature collection offers extensive height adjustment, varying headboard designs and material options, along with fully profiling features so suit most care needs. Our Solo collection are the ultimate floor beds, balancing stylish design with nursing functionality. The Solo Profiling Bed can be raised to carers waist level to assist with on the bed care and is customisable with headboard and fabric options.

Our comprehensive pressure care portfolio is designed to provide comfort, support and effective pressure relief. Our pressure care range includes static foam mattresses such as our Ultimate Pressure Care Mattress which use castellated, high density supporting foam. We also have air mattress systems which distribute pressure through the air cells and have a super-quiet pump unit. Our Flo Auto Air Mattress is a full replacement mattress system designed for high-risk users that’s suitable to treat existing pressure sores and skin damage. Our pressure care range includes hybrid technology, a combination of static and active mattress technologies for advanced pressure relief and user comfort. Our Impulse Hybrid Mattress features a three-zone lying surface which includes a gel-infused heel zone designed specifically for reducing pressure on the vulnerable area. The Impulse features auto-weigh technology to applies the optimum level of airflow through the mattress based on the user’s current weight.

At Opera we pride ourselves on helping care providers deliver exceptional care. Our profiling bed collection perfectly balances nursing functionality with a warming style. With access to multiple materials, every Opera profiling bed has design options including wood finishes, materials, colours, and headboard styles.

We work with new care facilities and developments from initial consultation to supplying our products. Our dedicated team are on hand to fulfil your care requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide next day delivery across our profiling beds and full pressure care mattress range when ordered by 3pm, supporting with the influx in hospital discharges and admissions.

Discuss your care requirements with our team today by telephone, email or visit our website.

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