Optimus IT Infra Ltd

We stand tall, showcasing over 12 years of experience in providing Healthcare Integration Managed Services within high frequency message processing environments involving multiple EPR’s and integration engines for some leading NHS trusts in the UK.

Our large scale healthcare environment processes 300,000 messages per hour, 5 Million documents to GP's since 2017, 15 million care records per week and 1TB of data in real time and it is growing 15% quarterly because of the increasing data requirements across the departmental systems which themselves are also increasing at the rate of 5%.

Optimus's team has extensive experience of developing, testing, maintaining and supporting systems, interfaces and cloud-based solutions. Our teams have been providing these integration services using various Integration Engines for over 12 years. It is one of the most technically capable SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) teams within the cloud space in the UK.

Extensive healthcare, NHS knowledge base and expertise in facilitating and implementing critical care related interfaces for all departmental systems in NHS using a cross-section of integration engines, based on varied technologies and platforms while adhering to the stringent International Health Level Seven (HL7 & FHIR) Standards is the key forte of Optimus.  Optimus's team takes patient care & safety of the patient care data handling seriously. These key aspects are considered as the critical factors of all the design and development strategies while implementing and devising new or existing healthcare solutions.     

Optimus's support is a complete peace of mind for the clients its associated with by providing a host of support services like:

  • 24x7x365 Proactive Monitoring
  • Integration support intervention where needed while monitoring
  • Operational support - Departmental BAU issue handling
  • EPR/PAS- workflow, messaging server issues investigation and support
  • Patient Information management- numbering, data gap identification & support
  • Server – Upgrades, Decommissioning, New TEST Servers, CPU Optimization
  • Servers Maintenance - purges, performance monitoring, alerts,
  • Additional support Services -Departmental server upgrades, Version upgrades, Cutover support, Scheduled runs etc.,
  • Supplier liaison for departmental, IE provider etc.,
  • Client Network & Server/ Infrastructure team liaison & support

A custom monitoring tool by Optimus built in-house, OPTIMON+ helps monitor Integration Engine servers to provide essential statistics for all stakeholders involved such as:

  • Real time Interface statistics like queue ups, errors, idle times and more
  • Oracle Database space usage statistics
  • SOA Server - Disk level space & CPU usage statistics
  • Oracle Server - Disk level space & CPU usage statistics
  • JAVA Virtual Machine - Memory size tracking

Our product is fully customizable to support various Integration Engines like ENSEMBLE HealthShare, MIRTH, Orion Raphsody, MuleSoft, Cloverleaf and much  more.
We collaborate and work in partnership with organizations and their technical teams helping them achieve organization wide and sector wide NHS Digital goals from time to time.

Our latest collaboration with a number of NHS Trust's in North West London area and other Healthcare Service providers has enabled us to technically contribute and be instrumental to the London wide programme's like OneLondon, HIE, PKB CIE, Healthy London Partnership, Know Diabetes initiatives.

During the COVID pandemic Optimus teams have been engaged to implement healthcare solutions swiftly  to facilitate emergency care for COVID patients. Facilitating integration to new COVID surge locations for critical care departments, building interfaces to applications like DNA Nudge to process latest COVID Test results, Integrating with Data Discovery Service to maintain latest patient care records and API's to 111 Service to route calls, and divert care services to the needy and frail patients swiftly are some of the critical projects we have implemented.

We are currently working with NHS Trust's, healthcare service providers, charitable trusts to centralize up to date patient care records to help GP's, Hospital's, NHS Trusts to provide prompt and timely care services for all patients and mainly patients with COVID and other life threatening conditions.

With over a decade of experience, we are listed Crown Commercial Service Supplier providing the following services through the G Cloud-12, CDPS and DOS 4 government frameworks. We have you covered with

  • Project Management Services
  • IT Consulting – Provision of Development & testing resources upon request with a quick turnaround time
  • Design services
  • Integration/SOA/Cloud Architecture consultation Development and implementation – Bespoke, Integration, Frontend, Backend, Cloud, UCM Services
  • Testing services
  • Database services - SQL Development, SSIS, Data warehouse, BI, ETL services etc and more
  • Managed services

The ‘Integrated Services Package’ offered by Optimus IT Infra Ltd. includes Integration Development ,  Integration Testing Managed Services &  Migration Services. Optimus IT assigns, monitors, supports and trains the focused permanent staff employed to ensure that they are used optimally.

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