PestTrain, founded in 2012, was established by two of the pest managements leading specialists and qualified Chartered Biologists.

Initially as a trouble shooting and problem-solving service, PestTrain has grown into a complete pest management specification consultancy working with sites, in areas of pest activity identifying risk and designing diligent and proactive pest management strategies to establish and eliminate root cause.

Services include a review of existing service provision, where sites are either unhappy with their current contractor’s approach and standards and / or the level of active pest infestation within properties has become out of hand.  As pests evolve and adapt to their surroundings and local environment, so does the need to review and adjust how they are prevented and controlled.

Pest Management must be considered as the sum of the parts, rather than as a whole, primarily as different pests, in different locations present different risks and very often require differing strategies to prevention and control.  One size does not fit all.

Pest-Risk Assessments

Considering pests as a hazard, the aim is to identify what is the associated risk of such presence which may result in either operational or structural damage; financial loss of stock or disruption to working days; let alone spread of disease, etc.

Pest Risk = likelihood x consequence x opportunity.

We also consider historical or prolonged activity where the opportunity for pests to gain access into a building, where the fabric of the building may be vulnerable or onsite activities may support pest immigration.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM has long been misunderstood by many service providers, who focus on control through the use of pesticides or lethal options.

Where pests present a significant risk to a business, building or members of the public – identifying and specifying the correct strategy and control options is the fundamental first step.

PestTrain provides support and assistance across all pest types and industry sectors where there is a need to understand, practice or demonstrate due diligence in the prevention and management of public health pests.  Training and Awareness course are also available, as well as ongoing independent technical audits.

Our portfolio includes large corporate head offices, major hotel chains, housing associations, universities, through to food manufacturing and individual high risk and high security sites.

Pesttrain is a consultant member of the British Pest Control Association.

For more information visit our website or contact us by telephone or email.

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