Formed in 2001 in Sheffield, Powerstar is a market-leading smart energy solutions manufacturer. Our key services include helping organisations to:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Improve power resilience and reliability
  • Reduce their reliance on grid energy
  • Achieve net-zero

Our key technologies we offer include:

  • Voltage optimisation
  • Ultra low-loss amorphous core transformers
  • Battery energy storage systems
  • Uninterruptable power supply systems (UPS)

More of everything we do is becoming automated and electrified, and at the same time we shift to greener, sometimes less reliable forms of power generation. This has led to real concerns about power supply reliability (blackouts and brownouts etc.) and quality (voltage dips, frequency issues etc.)

As organisations contend with a varying range of challenges when it comes to managing their energy use, more are taking note of what is often referred to as the ‘energy trilemma’ . This is defined as finding the balance between the reliability, affordability, and sustainability of energy and its impact on everyday lives. Understanding the challenges faced by organisations in balancing these 3 core elements is vital to achieving goals such as Net Zero.

Organisations generally have 2 choices. Hope that governments solve these issues quickly or ensure their own energy resilience, or take energy into their hands. At Powerstar, we’re committed to helping organisations achieve the latter.

Through extensive investment into research and development, we have developed an impressive range of advanced hardware and software. From two UK facilities Powerstar designs and manufactures a range of “Behind-the-Meter” electrical hardware and software to increase the resilience of your site’s power supply while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Being “Behind-the-Meter”, Powerstar technology is installed on your own site, meaning that it directly impacts your site’s electricity bill. On-site power flows are becoming increasingly complex, with renewable generation, EV chargers and greater demand. Powerstar technology and power management software can have a dramatic effect on your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Much of this technology can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination to achieve compound benefits. In addition, our capability to model, simulate and test on-site power flows is market leading and ensures your investment is feasible and without risk. Powerstar’s range of technologies range from super low-loss transformers, to patented voltage optimisation, and battery energy storage with site-wide uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capabilities.

Our technologies have previously been awarded full HTM-06-01 compliance for deployment within the NHS and Powerstar’s Battery Energy Storage System is the only system of its kind to achieve this accreditation. All manufactured at our facilities in Sheffield and Bromsgrove in the UK.

Our main capabilities lie in the management of customer’s power, with sophisticated control systems and software to manage on-site power flows effectively and intelligently to make your power greener and cheaper.

Powerstar believe innovation is key to solving the Energy Trilemma. Using innovative technologies can help make organisations energy more affordable, sustainable and resilient. Powerstar’s range of technologies can bolster all three aspects of the trilemma.

Voltage optimisation works to reduce and condition incoming voltage, reducing the cost and associated emissions of your electricity usage while protecting your site from spikes and dips in mains supply.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) perform a similar role to other UPS technologies but offer much better energy efficiency and are able to actively support other aspects of your energy strategy that can improve sustainability and reduce costs.

This ranges from storing renewable energy generated on-site for later use or allowing EVs to be charged more easily, to allowing electricity to be purchased and stored when prices are lower or engaging with grid contract services to generate new streams of income.

Distribution transformers are critical infrastructure for many companies, yet they are not connected and online. Therefore, their health, performance, and efficiency are typically unknown or reliant upon manual inspections of antiquated gauges/meters.

Our ultra low-loss amorphous core distribution transformers benefit from up to 75% lower core losses compared to CRGO transformers. They also Surpass the 2021 EU Ecodesign Directive standards set by European Commission and unlike almost all other amorphous core transformers, they are manufactured here in the UK.

Together, let us solve the energy trilemma, and let Powerstar make your power more reliable, affordable, and sustainable.

Why Powerstar?

With over 20 years of experience and real-world applications of technical solutions, Powerstar has proven its ability to help organisations improve their power resilience and save organisations significant amounts of money on their energy bills whilst remove an enormous amount of Carbon emissions from organisations’ carbon footprints.

Powerstar continue to innovate and work to improve year after year and all our patented voltage optimisation solutions, Battery Storage systems with UPS capabilities and Ultra low-loss amorphous core transformers are manufactured here in the UK to the highest standards.

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