RevBits and Templar Executives join forces to deliver Cyber Resilience within Healthcare - cost effectively

Healthcare is evolving through digitalisation and widening network capacity whilst simultaneously collecting a greater range and depth of data. The NHS is the largest integrated healthcare provider in the world with a supply chain consisting of more than 80,000 suppliers. The amalgamation of different estates, the multiplicity of legacy systems and the diversity of technology, people, processes and culture makes it a hugely complex environment. This is also vulnerable to Cyber Security attacks including data breaches where sensitive patient records may be attained for extortion, disruption or resale on the dark web. The current heightened political tensions and state sponsored cyber-crime only add fuel to this already challenging mix. In this evolving environment, it is imperative UK health organisations recognise the need to proactively manage and constantly review their Cyber Security posture as widely advocated by the NCSC for all the CNI sector.

Templar Executives and RevBits have formed an exciting partnership to provide healthcare organisations comprehensive turnkey solutions to tackle the key risks from an information governance and IT perspective. Keeping ahead of the curve necessitates mitigative action through enhanced visibility, rapid detection, blocking attacks and a proportionate response. Remediative action involves raising staff awareness to tackle the most prevalent cyber threat of all - human error.

Phishing attacks account for over 90% of cyberattacks, the Health sector experiencing an exponential rise in the number of ransomware attacks, these often beginning life as a ‘Phishing’ incident. Remote and hybrid working practises are changing access methods and require new security protocols. Limited IT resources and a cultural lack of awareness by geographically dispersed staff present a further cybersecurity skills gap in dealing with the burgeoning threat landscape.

The Solution:

Our key recommendations enable organisations to:
Identify key assets
Improve visibility of the estate
Secure against Phishing , Ransomware and Unauthorised Access
Educate staff on the importance and value of information
Implement effective governance and risk management
Achieve a proportionate and cost-effective response.

About Templar Executives: Templar Executives is recognised for its pioneering Cyber Security thought leadership. We continue to successfully engage across all areas of the healthcare ecosystem, from NHS Boards to frontline staff and suppliers, providing NCSC Certified Training alongside a full spectrum of advisory and consultative services and solutions. We are a strategic NHS partner and accredited government supplier, named in the Department of International Trade’s UK Digital Health Playbook ‘First 100 Companies’ that showcases the "best of British talent in Digital Health”. Currently through our Templar Cyber Academy, we are delivering and offer NCSC Certified Cyber Board Briefings, and training for SIROs, IAOs, Clinicians and all staff at Trusts and other healthcare organisations. These bespoke training courses are upskilling key roles in best practices in Cyber Security, instilling capability, and confidence to enhance patient safety and care outcomes.

Templar Executives regularly hosts and presents to healthcare audiences to share experiences of delivering Cyber Security solutions and capability to UK NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers. Templar Executives has also partnered with Lancaster University on the Cyber Executive MBA (CEMBA) which will be taught by experts from Lancaster University’s School of Computing and Communications and Lancaster University Management School, along with executive-level professionals from Templar Executives’ cadre of world-class Cyber Security experts.

About RevBits:

RevBits is an innovative Next Generation Cyber Security company which encompasses the broadest range of security solutions from one stack. Products have been developed from the trenches to keep pace with the rapidly changing and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. IT solutions include: Email Security / Email SEG; Endpoint Security / EDR; Privileged Access Management (PAM); Zero Trust Networking (ZTN); Deception Technology; Cyber Intelligence Platform CIP/XDR and Privileged Account Scanner (PAS).

The CIP provides a ‘single pane of glass view,’ automating and integrating RevBits security modules to detect, lure, alert, respond and intelligently analyse multi- layered security data across the stack. PAS identifies and details all digital assets and accounts by scanning the enterprise-wide network. Accounts and users with the most sensitive and risky permissions can be discovered, including potentially damaging shadow admins, or users that have sensitive permissions with escalation privileges within the cloud. ISO27001 & Cyber Essentials certified, RevBits are members of Forbes Technical Council and techUK. For a ‘Holistic Approach to the Health Sector, refer to the recent article in ’Health Business 21.6 by PSI Media – Issue. Health Business 22.1 by PSI Media - Issue

The Promotion - Operation ‘Cyber Health’

RevBits are offering the Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) and Privileged Account Scanner (PAS) licenses free of charge with the purchase of ANY two of the following products:

Email Security
Endpoint Security Zero Trust Networking (ZTN)
Privileged Access Management (PAM)

In addition, as an introductory offer, RevBits Secure Enterprise Gateway (SEG) will be included free of charge with the purchase of RevBits Email Security purchased pre-September 30th 2022.

Deception Technology is included with any PAM license purchase.

Please explore RevBits Next Gen solutions and contact Templar Executives or RevBits to learn more about this promotion.

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