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Blackwired would have prevented the Lockbit 3.0 attack on NHS 111 Service
LockBit 3.0 malware forced NHS supplier Advanced to shut down hosted sites post cyberattack on 2 August this year. The impact was that services it provided such as the NHS 111 Service nationally and out-of-hours GP surgeries were offline while the incident response was active.
Blackwired identified the Lockbit 3.0 zero day 3 days before the attack and had immunised their clients by close of play the 29 July 2022. The company also identified Lockbit 2.0 first prior to the attack on the BPO sector in October 2021 – this time immunisation was 6 weeks prior!
Blackwired specialise in identifying the over horizon activity of the cyber adversary to take clients out of the victim pool of a new cyber attack wave.

Proactively Prevent a Cyber Attack by Targeted Adversary Disruption

Blackwired is making waves in cyber by establishing a new category in cybersecurity that measurably demonstrates a minimum 150% uplift on existing cyber defences.  Its flagship Zero Day Live (ZDL) is an intelligence-led cybersecurity platform that takes a fundamentally different approach to traditional "Detect & Respond" solutions. ZDL boldly defines a new paradigm: Proactive Prevention of a Cyber Attack by Targeted Adversary Disruption.

ZDL is a platform designed to prevent cyber attacks before they happen.  It provides proprietary, holistic and precision intelligence data points on adversaries' malicious intent. The platform disrupts malicious activity by orchestrating immunization – specific block-and-tackle instructions – into firms’ existing security infrastructure, neutralizing attacks before they are launched.  ZDL is the only cyber solution in the market that operates at the pace of the adversary.

ZDL brings military-grade cyber-warfare doctrine accessible to the enterprise sector, offering the highest-grade protection from cyber-attack. The machine provides the jump, and analysts provide the confidence. The intelligence output is targeted, relevant and meaningful.

Zero Day Live reports provide precise information on new and malformed zero days with a targeted list of specific actions to take. This enables security teams and executives to make rational, informed decisions that protect their enterprise.  Published intelligence is high-confidence, with maximum relevance, and nearly zero false positives, enabling subscribers to take action on the day of detection – days, weeks, even months ahead of the curve.

Zero Day Live machine learning algorithms makes what is important, and intentionally hidden, in the dark web – open, indexed and searchable.  It provides unmatched coverage of what matters most in the dark web – with content refreshed every 15 mins.  Correlated databases provide limitless drill-down capability – optimized for sub-second response time.  ZDL intelligence is unique and proprietary.  It does not consume, repackage or replay secondary intelligence.

In addition, Blackwired’s “Overwatch” product develops resistance in a firm’s “Cyber-DNA”, using proprietary, evidence-based optimization techniques. The longer it is used, the more effective it becomes.  Overwatch provides subject-directed monitoring – a persistent digital witness of past and future action against any enterprise subject.  It’s always on, always monitoring, and provides a targeted capability to review a firm’s strategic partners, third-party suppliers, even acquisition targets, in near real-time.  It’s able to identify “sideways” cyber risks that commonly evade conventional tools.

The principal co-founders of Blackwired have decades of experience in the fields of clandestine cyber intelligence operations, leading-edge sector and government security consulting, and product development & research.

Blackwired was established in Jan 2022 to introduce ZDL to the private sector, alongside existing government and law enforcement work.  Based on 7+ years of continual machine learning, the ZDL platform offers a uniquely powerful proposition in the cyber sphere.

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