Ramfoam is one of the UK’s leading PPE suppliers, providing frontline workers in public and private health sectors with highly effective facial visors that give wearers added protection.

The RamfoamCare+ Visor was originally developed by Midlands-based foam conversion specialists Ramfoam in May 2020 to directly address the growing need for PPE for NHS staff.

Today, Ramfoam supplies over three million visors to the NHS each week, and have since opened up their supply chain to accommodate private healthcare organisations including dentists, optometrists, private clinics, therapists and any other public-facing healthcare staff.

While official advice about the most effective PPE continues to evolve, it is widely accepted that wearing a visor as well as a mask offers users the highest degree of protection from COVID-19. Masks cover the nose and mouth, but since the eyes are also a potential infection point, wearing a RamfoamCare+ visor offers significantly more security.

These innovative visors are tested and produced by experts to ISO 9001 standards, and are fully BS EN 166 certificated. Manufactured in Britain at Ramfoam’s dedicated facility in the West Midlands, they feature two market-leading components; a Plastazote® Foam Headpiece and a Melinex® FS1 Optically Clear Visor.

Plastazote® is a latex-free, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic closed-cell foam. Widely used in medical markets, it features a closed-cell structure which prevents the ingress of sweat, liquids and aerosols which can harbour bacteria - any liquid is therefore restricted to the surface.

The comfort fit headpiece is used with an Optically Clear Visor made from Melinex® FS1 which has an anti-static and anti-fog coating for high visibility. Built-in face mask harness points on the visor reduce ear injury by other PPE products. The headpiece has been designed with care and comfort in mind.

The headpiece can be easily cleaned, disinfected and sterilised by washing it with soap and water, while the visor can simply be wiped down with antibacterial cleaners. Both materials can even be placed in a dishwasher for a deep clean.

Both the visor and foam headpiece are presented in an easy, self-assembly kit that can be put together by the wearer in seconds and adjusted to fit their head shape and size. There is also a name tag area for personalisation, and the visors can be ordered in your company logo or in a range of colours to maintain consistent branding.

As well as the added protection and security these visors provide, there are numerous environmental benefits to RamfoamCare+ Visors. Both the main materials can be recycled, and because they are supplied flat, they are distributed in lower volumetric shipments which reduces their carbon footprint throughout the supply chain.

As we move towards what could potentially be a difficult winter, RamfoamCare+ Visors will help to give health workers and their patients a greater reassurance and peace of mind that their environment is safe and protected for the months ahead.

Prices start from just £3.45 - for more information or to enquire about ordering, visit

01384 453160