RDP was founded in 2000 specifically to design and manufacture its own range of healthcare specific hardware for the UK market. This led to RDP being the first company in the UK to provide powered carts designed specifically for PCs for use in healthcare environments.

RDP prides itself on being truly customer focused, designing products specifically to meet the needs of its customers. All of RDP’s products are designed by clinicians for clinicians. By designing and then manufacturing products that customers tell us they need, the business has grown organically to become the leading manufacturer in the UK of mobile computer carts.
In March we got a call from NHS England in urgent need of medical workstations to help with the Covid 19 crisis. The aim was to equip the new London, Bristol and Manchester Nightingale hospitals with mobile computer carts within a very tight deadline. Their initial requirement was for 50 carts for the next working day in the London hospital, which has been housed at East London's ExCeL exhibition centre with space for 4000 beds. We set about achieving this target and managed to turn the order around in 2 hours, delivering them the same day.

RDP’s Managing Director, Shyam Sonpal said “NHS England asked us to deliver these carts in less than 24 hours but we were able to ship them out on the same day. I am extremely proud of the efforts from the staff at RDP, many of whom worked extra hours, and also the extremely quick response from suppliers who have helped us with providing essential equipment for the NHS in these unprecedented circumstances.”

This delivery success led to the discussion of further requirements for each bed at the Nightingale. For the next batch of carts, the Nightingale then wanted RDP to meet the unique intensive care requirements of coronavirus patients and so we set about manufacturing a bedside cart specifically for this purpose. Usually in hospitals they might have roughly one or two carts per ward but at the Nightingale their primary aim was to ensure that all patients and staff remain safe, healthy and protected – therefore we were asked to provide one cart per bed to help prevent the spread of the virus. The carts are placed by each bedside and houses PCs and screens for doctors and nurses to have easy computer access to patient records, a time-saving device which is invaluable to health professionals.

In order to achieve the volume required for NHS England, we had to convert part of our building from a warehouse to a production facility so that we could adhere to the social distancing guidelines.
Temporary staff were taken on from the local area and we utilised a network of suppliers in order to keep up with the demand. Our long-standing transportation company rearranged their schedule to put us at the top of their priority list so that we could ship the carts to the Nightingale around the clock. During this time RDP’s commitment to its long-standing customers did not waiver and as hospitals increased their own upscaling of ICU beds, RDP where able to support these additional requirements at the same time.

As the country begins to slowly recover and patients are increasingly being admitted to local hospitals rather than the Nightingale hospitals, RDP will work with NHS England to redeploy this kit into the hospitals that require it and ensure that it gets put to good use. We are also on standby to provide more carts should we have another peak. RDP is proud to stand along with all the contractors, military personnel and clinical staff who have been involved in building this temporary field hospital and in making it a success.