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Senseco Systems Ltd is an industry-leading, independent fire and security specialist. We’re experts in the design, supply, install, commission and maintenance of a range of systems including fire detection and alarm, sprinklers, dry / wet risers, gas extinguishing, water mist, voice alarm, emergency voice communication, CCTV, access control, remote CCTV / fire / security monitoring.  We are highly accredited and have experienced engineers on a wide range of different systems from different manufacturers.  We’re also proud to be CarbonNeutral-certified.  We work extensively in hospitals / healthcare premised and have recently been awarded the NHS Shared Business Services framework agreement as a supplier for fire systems.

Hospital and Healthcare Premises

Hospitals and healthcare premises present many unique challenges when it comes to fire safety. They require reliable fire systems and competent companies to install and maintain them, to ensure they remain operational and compliant, which is of paramount importance.

Senseco Systems have a wealth of experience in the hospital and healthcare sector. We have maintained, installed and upgraded many fire systems in working hospitals with minimal disruption to patients, staff and normal operations. We have hospitals with permanent site-based engineers to ensure an engineer is on hand to deal with any critical issues as well as carrying out maintenance. We can provide solutions to the challenges that most hospitals face and have highlighted some of these challenges and solutions to them.

False Alarms

A false alarm in any environment can be disruptive, costly and lead to complacency which puts lives at risk in the event of a genuine fire. But in a hospital environment there are added challenges of disruption to operations, patients and the risks of moving them.

The Solution: We can advise on a range of measures to reduce false alarms and even offer systems where we guarantee against false alarms with our FAITH (False Alarm Immune Technology) guarantee.

Life safety and safe evacuation of patients

In addition to reducing false alarms, it is essential that you have systems in place to keep staff and patients safe in the event of a genuine fire and provide safe means of evacuation if it is needed. There are specific standards relating to operation of fire doors linked to the fire systems where there is a sleeping risk and not all systems meet this standard. It is also important that escape routes have smoke detection, are well lit and protected from fire.

The Solution: We provide compliant fire systems to meet BS7273-4 which is the standard for the operation of fire protection measures - release mechanisms for doors.  We provide detection, sprinkler and water mist systems to protect the building and escape routes to provide a safe means of escape.

Systems visibility and networking

As most hospitals are spread over multiple buildings it is important that you have visibility of the whole site in the control room and that links between buildings and systems are secure.

The Solution: We offer computer graphics packages that can connect to different systems in different buildings, so from a user point of view everything is shown in a consistent format.

We offer networked systems which comply with the latest EN54 standards for fire alarm networks.  We also offer cloud based technology to provide notification of fire events to selected users’ mobile phones.

Compliance and competence

Fire Legislation makes the building owner / employer responsible for Fire Safety, carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment and employing Competent Persons / Companies to install / maintain fire systems.  Utilising a company with appropriate third party certification / accreditation demonstrates you have taken necessary steps to check the competence of the company and you have complied with the law.   Fire systems and equipment needs to be maintained to ensure they are fully operational and to ensure you comply with your legal requirements.

The Solution: Senseco are LPS1014 certificated to prove our competence to design, install, commission and maintain fire systems, our sprinkler division are LPS1048 certificated and our gas suppression division are certified to LPS1204. All systems we offer are compliant with the latest British and European Standards.


It is important that any maintenance regime fully tests the systems installed with minimal disruption to patients and the operation of the hospital.  Also many hospitals have a mix of different systems, old and new, so it is important that a service provider can support a wide range of equipment and is experienced in the unique hospital / healthcare environment.

The Solution: Senseco are particularly experienced at maintaining hospitals on either a periodic visit, weekly attendance or manned site basis. As an independent company we can support a wide range of different systems.  We provide detailed service records electronically and via a client portal for compliance and reassurance.

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