Sumetzberger Pneumatic Tube Systems with AntiVirus® protection and automated transport

Innovative solutions for the fight against coronavirus. ISO certified AntiVirus® products from Su metzberger prevent cross-contamination caused by the handling with pneumatic tube systems. Successfully tested against human coronavirus NL63 using ISO 21702, they set new hygiene standards for pneumatic tube systems.

The pandemic SARS-CoV-2 virus, which emerged at the beginning of last year, still represents a major challenge. Unchecked waves with large numbers of simultaneous Covid-19 cases place a significant burden on hospitals, and intensive care units in particular. In the hustle and bustle of a hospital, disinfecting all surfaces became the most demanded but also challenging and time-consuming task ever. Also included the cleaning of pneumatic tube carriers and user interfaces which are used for the much needed internal transport of important goods such as blood samples or bags and much more. Now, in times of the coronavirus pandemic, automated desinfection and transport solutions for pneumatic tubes are urgently needed to relieve hospital staff and offer protection against cross-contamination. Once again, Sumetzberger was able to live up to its reputation as an innovation leader in the field of pneumatic tube systems. The innovative Anti- Virus® 7-component solution ensures germ-free surfaces of transport carriers and user interfaces thanks to certified silver ion technology. However, hygienic user interfaces are most required but only part of effective prevention of viruses and bacteria spreading. “In the fight against the distribution of viruses and bacteria, automation of pneumatic tube transport is the key factor,” so Mr. Peter Friedrich, director pneumatic tube systems.

As a leading manufacturer of automated transport solutions for laboratories and pharmacies, Sumetzberger has already planned and implemented a large number of innovative and customer-oriented loading and unloading interfaces for pharmacy commisiners and laboratory lines. „The greatest challenge in the development of these highly efficient and modern direct connections was to implement solutions that were as small and space-saving as possible,yet extremely powerful. Including all needed software interfaces in order to guarantee fully smooth transport and documentation process of mediciens and blood samples.”

So Mr. Friedrich. Based on the collected knowhow, Sumetzberger has now developed the world first DisinfectionGate which enables fully automatic disinfecting of pneumatic tube transport carriers. “We have now reached the technological stage where the hospital‘s internal pneumatic tube system operate fully automatically. For example, Sumetzberger‘s AutoUnload technology is already successfully in use in more than 100 hospitals worldwide. End of 2021, two hospitals in Austria are on a new hygien and automation level. They will organise their drug supply for the wards and bases fully automated via pneumatic tube system and pharmacy robots.“ Mr. Friedrich is sure, that this is an important step for the efficient prevention of crosscontamination in hospital.

And what about airborne virustransmission?

Well, high-performance AntiVirus HEPA 14 filters at the stations and in the technical rooms take care of this. Clean air enters the pneumatic tube system - which connects the entire hospital - and clean air exits the pneumatic tube system. In combination with antibacterial AntiVirus® tubes, germ-free transport air can be guaranteed.

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