No 1
Building Regulators doc. B (fire) section B1 accepts ventilation counter-measures but sensibly promotes suppressing at source  toxic gas & smoke from multiple layers of paint along escape routes. BSEN s1 is minimal,s2 is moderate, s3 limitless smoke Regulators restate ODPM Gov dept guidance to provide safe BS EN Class B in place of Class 0 which was effectively subverted by profit-driven 1970’s Lead Industries Association “guidance” to omit the BS476 gas test, only tests tiny panels 10”x10”(250x 250) and holds flame retardant gas or vapours artificially close to tested panels, magnifying apparent protection BSEN Class B s1 d0 fire paint upgrades Certified by the brand safeguard the public, building managers and diligent contractors 

No 2
Thermoguard’s Class B s1 d0 Smoke & Flame Retardant system has been proven to suppress toxic gas from several standard paints plus the most problematic oil-based and water-based paints specifically designed to emit heavy gas in a fire. Multiple meaningful BSEN surface Reaction to Fire test with one or two coats of Thermoguard protecting 18 > 24 coats of multiple combinations of all paint types used on walls enable Thermoguard to issue definitive Fire Certificates, protect people and take responsibility for multilayer fire paint protection away from diligent building managers and painting contractors. 

No 3
Real-world BSEN testing – shown by approved UKAS Fire Test Lab’s testing three times safer than fatally flawed Class 0 - enables Class B s1 d0 upgrades to end the need for protocols which safeguard manufacturers of Class 0 flame retardants, but leave diligent specifiers and contractors unfairly responsible for any catastrophic failure by inadequate Class 0 flame retardant paint.

No 4
After the banning of lead in paint, the Lead Industries Association subversion of Class 0 and influence to suppress information enabled it replace lead with another similarly dangerous heavy metals in even greater concentrations for use until 2017 as whitening, anti-chalking and catalytic agents for escape route wall paints. Thermoguard’s Class B s1 d0 Smoke & Flame Retardant is also a Certified encapsulant, saving building managers the immense cost, disruption, hazards for contractors and residents along with local contamination which comes when stripping escape route paint contaminated with the Lead Industry Association’s various toxic heavy metal/metalloid paint additives.

No 5
1 or 2 coat Thermoguard Class B s1 d0 smooth multilayer upgrade paint system end the  need to create future flame spread risk through delamination created after redecorating later over ultra thick inert or low-expansion basecoats whose texture prevents the abrasion & cleaning needed for a rally good key. Adhesion/bonding primers reduce but do not end the risk. Decorative paint brand tests show that on their standard surface tested to Class 0 with 2 coats of their Class 0 Finish, an ultra- thick textured basecoat was also needed for Class B (the s1 > s3 smoke result info from the same test is not listed) .

No 6
The only reliable future-proof fire rating for multilayer painted escape route walls & ceilings is BSEN 13501 Class B s1 d0, which demands far higher protection than is needed for Class 0 . Thermoguard Certify Class B s1 d0 over any mix or type of water-based paints with 1 coat of Smoke & Flame Retardant and over any types and combinations (including worst-case Class 4)  multilayer painted walls with 1 coat Wallcoat insulating basecoat + 1 coat Smoke & Flame Retardant “SFR Dualcoat” .
On ceilings, Thermoguard Certify 1 coat Safeceilings Onecoat to Class B s1 d0

No 7
Class 0 flame retardant finish paints’ minimal protection caused some manufacturers to conclude 11 or more coats of paint create risk beyond the capabilities of Class 0 fire paints. Thermoguard’s UKAS approved Fire Test lab tests prove 2 smooth normal coats of Thermoguartd high-performance Class B s1 d0 fire paints protect 18, 22 and 24 coats of multiple types of paints just as effectively as 10 coats, avoiding paint stripping costs, disruption, health and contamination dangers.

No 8                                                                                                                                                          
To give Thermoguard’s Certification team confidence to issue Fire Certificates, Thermoguard included UKAS approved Fire Lab tests over multi-layer painted surfaces including paper-faced plasterboard, lining paper and boards replicating plastered walls

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