Celebrating over 100 years as a foodservice wholesaler

Celebrating over 100 years as a foodservice wholesaler, Thomas Ridley Foodservice has grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent delivered wholesalers and provides a total food service solution to the catering industry; delivering a comprehensive range of chilled, ambient, frozen, professional hygiene and catering sundries. Operating over sixty vehicles, the modern and high specification progressive fleet of multi-temperature vehicles is second to none and services a wide range of customers.

Thomas Ridley are midway through implementing their five year strategy which is focused on delivering exceptional customer service via the new website and ordering system, a multi-million pound new 25,000 sq. ft. freezer facility with voice picking, warehouse management and multi order picking onto electronic trucks and a doubling of the chilled sales volume capacity as well as additional ambient storage space.

Understanding the bespoke needs of the sector, Thomas Ridley have a dedicated team of professionals servicing the care sector accounts with a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of the needs of care caterers. Catering for a broad spectrum of care needs from elderly residential living to nursing care for an array of physical and mental needs; as well as providing crucial nutritional feeding for palliative or postoperative care is the task bestowed upon the care providers which is by no means a simple feat. Our approach in assisting these care operators is to offer nutritional and innovative meal solutions, alongside the best service in the sector.
Thomas Ridley can offer care caterers help to create and deliver nutritional meals with two key services:

- ‘Allergen Check’ - this is a complimentary tool from Thomas Ridley and it enables customers to see at a glance a list of the products purchased and the allergens they contain. The product allergen information is collected from suppliers all of whom have accreditations to comply with the current food legislation including their declarations on allergens. Our team have gone to great lengths to ensure that our suppliers’ information is readily available for easy access.

- ‘Key2Nutrients’ – Thomas Ridley’s ‘Key2Nutrients’ online software system (K2N), can help caterers with meal planning to ensure that students have the correct nutritional values on the meals they serve. The system is pre-populated with over 4000 ingredients and contains the full McChance and Widdowson database of nutritional values, along with hundreds of recipe ideas and sample menu plans.  This simple-to-use, point-and-click tool makes it easy to:

  • Determine the nutritional content of the food you supply
  • See at a glance if what you're serving meets the personal nutritional needs of the people you're serving it too
  • Ensure you have the correct quantities of the correct ingredients

As a wholesaler to the foodservice industry, Thomas Ridley offers national, multi-temperature distribution and thousands of products online.

For more information or to order from Thomas Ridley Foodservice please contact us or visit our website.

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