Understanding and planning for new and emerging healthcare technology

Whether you are a Health Technology Assessment expert, a medical equipment planner or responsible for high cost, high risk or considering new technologies, Health Technology Assessment Information Services (HTAIS) membershipmfrom the ECRI Institute can offer comprehensive support and assurance.

Free of hype, full of evidence. As a leader in evidence-based medicine, ECRI Institute researches and monitors how new technologies could affect hospital operations and patient outcomes. Members steer clear of manufacturer hype and head straight toward the evidence based answers on the latest health technologies—even those that are years away from hitting the market.

ECRI is a global organisation that began 50 years ago in the US, where 80% of US hospitals are now ECRI customers and HTAIS membership is thought to bring around $100,000 dollars of cost avoidance per hospital on average. The UK has had ECRI members for over 20 years with HTAIS memberships also supporting Horizon Scanning centres. Further afield in Europe, many hospitals and hospital groups in Italy use HTAIS to improve their understanding and planning of healthcare technology implementation.

To learn more about the benefits of Health Technology Assessment membership, the topic list, the works in progress, descriptions of the different reports types, the range of accessible webinars and presentations, get in touch with Philip Hodsman at ECRI info@ecri.org.uk

Using the GRADE-based strength-of-evidence rating system in evidence reports, the multidisciplinary staff analyses the data on the latest drugs, devices, diagnostics, implants, behavioural health procedures, and care processes. Systematic, transparent, and robust process includes clear conclusions on clinical safety and effectiveness. Impact ratings on costs, diffusion, reimbursement, and implementation and care process issues are offered.

Are you getting lots of new product requests or looking to reduce the number of similar products in your health system? Members can request a rapid review of the clinical evidence or issue and receive objective, independent reports to guide your decisions on topics as diverse as cardiovascular device implants, surgical mesh, and bone substitute products.

Indeed ECRI UK invites you to contact them and to request information about the variety of healthcare technologies researched to date.

What are the other benefits of becoming a member of ECRI’s HTAIS?

Understand what you need to successfully implement new and emerging technologies. Find out what that technology costs and what it requires in terms of infrastructure, staffing, and training. Decide whether your best interest lies in being an early adopter or taking a wait-and-see approach as evidence matures or as new and potentially better options appear on the horizon.

Be forewarned about new or disruptive technologies. Never be blindsided again by the arrival of novel, minimally invasive devices or care paradigms with our health technology assessment forecasts.

Find out what healthcare technology developments are on their way, so you can track and plan for developments that could affect the way care is delivered. Contact ECRI to request some free samples of the ‘Watch Lists’ that forecast new technologies likely to have an impact on healthcare.

Stay updated on technology trends in personalized medicine, genetic testing, and new applications for current treatments. Whether you require comprehensive evidence-based reports, literature searches, custom reports or wish to provide executive summaries, members can access a range of resources and reports.

Sometimes custom support is really what you need. You can get more personalized guidance and evidence-based insights from ECRI’s experienced staff, whether it’s help in setting up your technology assessment committee or participating at health policy planning meetings.

Access to an experienced, multidisciplinary staff ECRI Institute’s team includes physicians, pharmacists, nurses, biomedical engineers, planners, librarians, and quality, legal and risk management professionals who have decades of experience assessing health technologies and clinical procedures, and performing accident investigations across the globe. They give you access to expertise that’s unrivalled in the market. ECRI’s experts are experienced in performing literature searches and rigorous systematic reviews. 46% of all ECRI Healthcare Technology staff have a Doctorate degree.

No other organisation of this type has the breadth of expertise of ECRI Institute.

Who is ECRI?

ECRI Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation improving the safety, quality, and cost effectiveness of care across all healthcare settings. The combination of evidence-based research, medical device testing, and knowledge of patient safety makes ECRI uniquely respected by healthcare leaders and agencies worldwide. For more than 50 years, ECRI Institute has had an unwavering dedication to transparency and strict conflict-of-interest policies. The organisation has earned a reputation as the trusted voice of unbiased, research-based assurance for tens of thousands of members around the world using its solutions to minimize risk and improve patient care.
ECRI invites you to request some sample materials and information about HTAIS via info@ecri.org.uk or contact Philip Hodsman phodsman@ecri.org.uk

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