US-based O2 manufacturer heightens focus, intensity to serve patients all over the world


Leading global manufacturer of oxygen therapy equipment and on-site generation systems, US-based CAIRE Inc. is continuing its heightened focus and sustained intensity to meet the exponential rise in demand for oxygen medical equipment from global aid organizations, medical institutions, and home care and durable medical equipment providers across the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Administering highly-concentrated oxygen therapy, delivered to an infected person via a nasal cannula, is one of the key components of medical treatment identified by the World Health Organization to support the recovery of individuals whose respiratory systems have been severely impacted by the virus.*

Over the past year, CAIRE, inclusive of its commercial division AirSep Corporation, has seen a dramatic increase in demand for stationary oxygen concentrators and commercial generators from its global customers, especially those who are providing emergency aid in pandemic hot zones.

Through strategic leadership, expansion of the global team, safety initiatives and operations, CAIRE has shipped critical equipment to more than 117 countries. With its global manufacturing headquarters in Ball Ground, GA, USA, CAIRE has locations in Anjo, Japan; Buffalo, NY, USA; Chengdu, China; Langenfeld, Germany; Padova, Italy; Pleasanton, CA, USA; San Diego, CA, USA; and Wokingham, UK.

CAIRE leverages its rich legacy in oxygen technology expertise to develop and market innovative solutions in support of the long-term health and wellness of people with chronic respiratory conditions, as well as industrial applications to benefit commercial enterprise.

The company’s time-proven portfolio of brands includes respiratory care diagnostic equipment; oxygen therapy devices designed for portable, at-home and military use; and turnkey on-site generation solutions for medical, industrial and environmental applications.

Because of this focus, experience and dedication to oxygen, CAIRE’s slogan “O2 is what we do” embodies the company’s mission of providing customers with the most innovative and effective products and services that cover the entire continuum of care, supporting patients throughout their disease progression from hospital to home.
CAIRE’s expertise in developing and innovating air separation technology for large-scale commercial applications made it possible for the pioneering of the first portable oxygen concentrator – the first to gain FAA approval for commercial air flights – pushing the boundaries of restrictive mobility for oxygen users across the globe.
Other points of pride include long-term relationships in research and development with the US military, as well as thousands of hospital installations in more than 60 countries worldwide. These plants operate automatically to supply oxygen therapy, surgical and critical care units in medical facilities, military field hospitals, on-site emergency preparedness centers, and disaster-relief efforts.
Highlights of the CAIRE oxygen therapy portfolio include the premier portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) the FreeStyle Comfort and the Eclipse 5; the stationary oxygen concentrators the Companion 5™ and NewLife Intensity 10; and liquid oxygen systems.

CAIRE’s state-of-the-art FreeStyle Comfort showcases the innovation and advancement in therapeutic oxygen delivery. The award-winning device is the first POC with an ergonomic shape, weighing only 5 lbs., and delivering up to 1050 mL, with five pulse flow settings. Meeting FAA guidelines, this device is designed for travel, able to accommodate daily activities and increased ambulation.

The clinically-proven Eclipse 5, transportable via a wheeled cart, offers the user the option of pulse or continuous flow settings, covering a broad prescription range.

Both devices come equipped with smart oxygen delivery clinical features including the patented autoSAT technology (which ensures patients receive the appropriate therapeutic dose of purified oxygen with each breath), and wireless connectivity to CAIRE’s telehealth solution. Both portable oxygen concentrators are operational via battery or electrical power. The convenience of being able to plug-in and recharge anywhere helps extend the user’s time away from home and encourages an active lifestyle with limited restrictions.

For at-home needs, the compact Companion 5 and the time-proven NewLife Intensity offer continuous flow oxygen up to 5 LPM and 10 LPM, respectively. With 20 PSI outlet pressure, the NewLife can address a variety of medical applications.

CAIRE’s liquid oxygen systems offer a great deal of flexibility for the oxygen therapy user who requires a higher, continuous flow prescription in a lightweight portable. Products including the HELiOS and Hi Flow Stroller can be easily refilled at home from a Liberator reservoir, and/or the user can connect to the reservoir for at-home oxygen needs.

On a commercial scale, AirSep has led the way with oxygen generation products ranging from standard generators to custom-built large-scale Pressure Swing Adsorption (“PSA”) or Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (“VPSA”) systems that can produce 100 tons of oxygen per day.

*Source: Clinical management of severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) when COVID-19 disease is suspected; Interim guidance; 13 March 2020

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