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Aston Group specialise in offering innovative, environmentally conscious, energy solutions, we believe we have a viable cost-efficient alternative to the current model used by the NHS. With over £540 million spent annually on energy, they are heavily dependent on electricity powering the majority of their medical equipment.

Until recently, the only electrical backup to grid supplied power has been generators, which produce ‘dirty’ power. This has the potential to irreparably damage expensive medical devices, or reduce the life expectancy of electromechanical equipment.

Utilising a free resource like solar power, is not only a more reliable option to other forms of electricity, but can cut costs. As the demand for renewable energy alternatives rises, the average cost of Solar PV equipment has greatly reduced. The introduction and development of battery storage technology, alongside solar power have increased the benefits dramatically.

Lithium-ion solar batteries have a significantly higher life cycle than lead acid batteries, storing more power, increasing efficiency. An additional benefit of using a renewable form of energy is the reduction of carbon emissions.
Aston Group believe that the financial savings gained using solar power can be better allocated within the health service.

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