Leading the way with innovations in the Nurse Call market
Austco has been supplying, installing and maintaining high-end Nurse Call systems into the healthcare sector around the world for many years. Since the year 2000 Austco have been installing our systems in the UK, and the technology implemented has been improving year-on-year.

Our products include a digital offering (Medicom), and our IP offering (Tacera). Tacera comes with a number of options including Pulse Reporting, Pulse Mobile, Customizable workflow management, annunciator and whiteboards as well as a host of integrations.
We are now proud to announce our latest innovations and developments that include:

  • BUILT-IN RTLS -no need for 3rd party equipment
  • Automatic Presence
  • Automatic call cancel (where required)
  • Wireless mobile devices to operate with Pulse-Mobile

There is an upgrade path from Medicom to Tacera for those wanting to take advantage of the latest technology and innovations.

At Austco, we pride ourselves on the quality of products and services we provide. Our maintenance offerings are flexible, working with our Customers’ needs. Technical support is offered as standard with our Maintenance Agreements, and this can be offered on a 24 hour basis.


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