Bamford Lighting

Bamford Lighting is one of the UK’s leading LED lighting companies providing without obligation lighting surveys nationwide.

As a leading supplier of LED lighting, the company offers an outstanding competitive service designing, supplying and installing LED lighting luminaires for every application.

Compared to standard incandescent  lighting the LED replacement is much more efficient and friendly to the environment, typically saving 70% in lighting energy bills.

LED lighting produces much less heat than traditional lighting with a guaranteed lifespan of three years, which in the long term with annual rising energy costs gives year on year energy savings.

A typical return on investment for an LED lighting replacement project is 2.5 years.

Benefits include much brighter, efficient and maintenance free lighting with a much lower level of generated heat which is safer and much more environmentally friendly.

Bamford Lighting has carried out lighting projects to a broad range of industries including warehouses, hospitals, airports, schools, colleges, sports stadiums, car dealerships and many more happy clients.

The organisation installs the very latest state of the art products, bespoke to each individual client, offering the very best in lighting technology.

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