Cloudbooking’s workplace management system helps healthcare bodies respond to the challenges of real estate efficiency, building capacities and budget balancing.

Founded over 20 years ago, Cloudbooking is focused on supporting organisations to maximise their workspace. Managing the workspace in a people-centric approach helps to improve productivity, estate efficiency and most importantly, support people’s wellbeing and safety.

Financial and capacity pressures mean there is no room for wastage. Healthcare organisations need to get the most out of every asset, including real estate, whilst always ensuring that people and patients continue to come first.

Our workplace management software guarantees security and compliance with industries regulations. Our robust, cloud-based microservices architecture ensures peace of mind and zero impact for IT Infrastructure and Security Teams.

If you’re looking to create a smart office environment, we can help. Employees want flexibility over where, when and how they work. Digital transformation has rapidly transformed our ability to meet those expectations and has only been accelerated by global disruption. From employee wellbeing and engagement to gaining access to deeper, data-driven insights alongside automated work processes, the smart office is design to respond to the needs of your team.

Our services include:

  • Desk booking

With interactive 3D floorplans you can view live availability, search for colleagues and reserve desks. Desk assignments and pre-planned seating arrangements can be created for those with permanent space needs, or shift patterns.

  • Room booking

With calendar integration, occupancy sensors and digital signage, our room booking system integrates with your supplementary services for a simple, streamlined experience. Connect catering, visitors, parting, video conferencing and more.

  • Visitor management

Our visitor management solution provides you with enhanced safety and security, including pre-arrival safety checks, access control, pre-registration, welcome messaging and notifications.

  • Car park management

Our flexible car park management solution allows your teams to reserve spaces via an interactive 3D parking map. You can view occupancy levels and reserve specific spaces for different teams

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