A Guide To Reducing Ligature Risks

A new guide on anti-ligature solutions in mental health and secure sectors is now available to download.

A need has arisen for psychiatric wards, high-security units, and prisons to reduce ligature risks, which is currently accounting for 77% of suicide cases in the UK.

Despite this alarming statistic, there is a lack of information on regulations and best practices. Contour have aimed to address this in their free guide, which covers key definitions, statistics, official guidance and risk control.

Providing the safest care to those who are at most risk is a top priority for those working within the mental health sector. Quite often, it’s difficult to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is suffering from suicidal thoughts. Those who are most vulnerable will look for any opportunity to inflict self-harm, or worse.  

Assessing ligature risks from any height is the first step in controlling potential fatalities. This will then dictate the types of solutions to specify to address these possible risks.  

To learn more, download your free copy today.

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