Data & tech key to better alignment of clinical homecare

Growth potential in the clinical homecare sector lies in the use of data and digital technology to align providers more closely with NHS clinicians and patients, according to one of the leading providers.

Kerry Hinton, CEO of HealthNet Homecare, says technology is crucial to putting control of homecare provision back in the hands of patients.

“The services we offer and the core services that we do very well, you would expect of any homecare provider."

“Where we see growth potential is in really understanding how we can use data and digital technology to a more inclusive stage with the NHS and our patients . This will empower patients to really see homecare as being part of their day-to-day activities and not something that is being done to them.”

“The next stage is about how can we give clinicians back data that lets them make more informed decisions throughout the ongoing treatment of their patients. Because time and resources are scarce within the NHS, how do we utilise the data that we have and present it to clinicians in a way that they can then use for their best advantage in terms of ongoing treatment for their patients.”

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