Eland Cables

Eland Cables is a global cable supplier of LV & MV power, data, control and instrumentation cables and accessories. Working across all industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, we deliver quality, compliant solutions tailored to the individual project.

Working with consultants and electrical contractors, our tailored service looks at the project not just from a standards and compliance viewpoint but the precise application and installation environment also in mind. Our technical expertise, including support with specification, cable design consultancy, cable training, and compliance guidance, is coupled with our project support from industry experts who can work with your project teams to deliver not just high quality, compliant cables but a complete cable solution. 

All our cables are subject to industry-leading QA protocols, including rigorous and extensive testing in our ISO/IEC 17025 cable testing laboratory, providing both peace of mind and demonstrating due diligence for these high-profile projects that demand reliability, resilience and performance.

For more information about our cables, our testing protocols, and our technical experts, please contact our team.

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