Easily explore large image datasets and create powerful insights

Zegami combines advanced analysis tools with a unique visualisation interface and allows you to rapidly categorise, label and clean large image datasets, invaluable for many applications including training machine learning models. Leading academics and commercial companies all over the world work with Zegami to gain a competitive edge from their data: 

Researchers, scientists and engineers in academic and commercial organisations -  the Plant Accelerator project solves food supply issues in large automated greenhouses in Europe, US and Australia, by giving researchers the ability to view thousands of images all at once on a screen, enabling them to spot patterns or anomalies in physiological and chemical traits. 

Data scientists training machine learning models - Cancer Research UK funded project,  developing a cancer detection system which identifies cancerous lesions in real-time by highlighting them on the video as the patient is being examined.
Business intelligence and management in commercial businesses - Siemens is using Zegami for process management and quality control enabling real, actionable insight and informed decision making.

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