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Destroying All Known Germs And Pathogens

The challenges faced by the NHS have never been greater, hospital acquired infections reach new heights and antimicrobial resistance is of a global concern. The cleanliness of your hospital remains critical to achieving positive patient outcomes. However this is often difficult to achieve with escalating costs and stretched budgets

Infection Prevention teams across the world and now here in the UK NHS are recognising that Ultra Violet C disinfection has an important part to play in augmenting current IPC practices.

The introduction of UVC Technologies into the room disinfection process should have the capability of being  fast, effective and repeatable. Additionally they should have the ability to be proactively deployable within a protocolled environment, thereby preventing infections by continuously reducing the bio-burden. Finsen Technologies have meticulously considered these factors in the design and development of our unique shadow reducing and powerful UVC Disinfection Technology, THOR UVC®   

THOR UVC®  is truly the most powerful UVC disinfection robot in the world and literally STANDS TALLEST in its disinfection class – independently UK lab tested by the Health & Safety Laboratory THOR UVC® is proven to destroy  the toughest micro-organisms in your trust repeatedly, achieving outstanding log reductions.

There is also much more; by utilising the Finsen Strategic Partnership Plan we can help your trust:

  • Reduce terminal cleaning times·
  • Improve the efficiency of your domestic cleaning output·
  • Improve patient flow times

Whilst still protecting those valuable budgets

For further information about FINSEN TECHNOLOGIES’ Strategic Partnership Plan, please visit us on Stand 31 and we’ll show you how easily it can be implemented within your trust.

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