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Are you safe from laser radiation in your hospital?

Ophthalmology, Urology, ENT, Neonatal, Dermatology – wherever you go within a modern hospital environment, lasers are an integral part of patient care and treatment.

Ensuring safety is paramount wherever lasers are used, and your hospital must comply with relevant legislation. To help pass CQC inspections and to help bring your hospital in-line within the surgical and non-surgical environment our LPAs advise what your staff, Medical Physics Department and the Senior Management Team should do to ensure laser equipment, and the area in which a laser is used, is safe for all personnel.

Lasermet’s laser safety training (including Core of Knowledge) and engineered laser safe solutions are critical in these medical environments in preventing inadvertent exposure to laser radiation. Lasermet’s certified interlock controls, roller blinds, LED signage and related equipment is all designed specifically for theatres to conform to the internationally recognised laser safety standards BS EN IEC 60825-1, 60825-14 and related standards.

Lasermet is a privately owned UK company covering every aspect of laser safety since 1987. The company’s own manufactured products are used in thousands of hospitals, medical research establishments, clinics and practices worldwide.

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