Lifeline Language Services


Established in 1990, Lifeline Language Services has delivered over 11,000 translation and interpreting assignments for the medical and care sector including interpreting for procedures, medical report translation, training material, social care and pharmaceutical projects, one NHS client declaring us “the benchmark of best practice.”

With a 100% professionally-qualified interpreter and translator base across the UK and Europe, Lifeline supports well over 100 languages working with hospitals, clinics, care homes, dentists and social services to improve outcomes for patients and professionals.


Healthcare environments are scary, especially when you can’t communicate. Missed appointments are a huge burden on medical resources, but for non-English speakers many are because appointments are misunderstood or forgotten, or patients fear not understanding or being misunderstood. Ensuring easy communication, with in-language appointment reminders, reduces missed appointments and improves expensive resource utilisation.


Our professional interpreters help health professionals achieve more effective consultations, better following of medication and better keeping of subsequent appointments, delivering better outcomes while less wasted time improves utilisation of valuable assets.


Better patient trust, better outcomes and more satisfied people mean better performance. That attracts better people and more investment.

A little language goes a really long way.

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