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The NHS Digital Business Plan 2017-18 calls to the improve the quality, availability and integrity of health data so that frontline staff, researchers and decision-makers are better informed. MEG Support Tools is a highly innovative healthcare technology company that works closely with leading physicians and pharmacists developing mobile technology that makes life easier for busy healthcare workers to record, analyse and distribute critical data.

Our vision is to enable frontline medical workers to spend more time with patients and less time with administrative workloads, helping to create a paperless clinical environment and improve efficiency in the delivery of healthcare as directed by The Driving Digital Maturity Programme. We are aiming to support effective decision-making and enable healthcare workers to deliver high quality care, reducing duplicated error-prone manual processes that makes care less efficient.

We put healthcare workers at the centre of everything we do

A recent report of the National Advisory Group on Health Information Technology in England recommends that health IT systems embrace user-centered design systems that are designed with the input of end users, employing basic principles of user-centered design. Poorly designed and implemented systems can create opportunities for errors and can result in frustrated healthcare professionals and patients.

At MEG Support Tools, we collaborate with physicians and pharmacists developing mobile technology that makes life easier for busy healthcare workers; the team is currently working with clients across the NHS such as Guy’s and St. Thomas’ London, The Christie, Manchester and Velindre, Cardiff Trusts. We listen and adapt to the requirements of our clients, building on already implemented systems, developing our technology on the platforms that are specific to mobile and tablet devices. Up to date technology and well designed apps which work on all mobile devices make our platform straightforward and simple to use.

What can we do for your organisation?

We are addressing the individual requirements of your data collection, distribution and reporting by streamlining interoperable hygiene and clinical compliance reporting and action plans. Our platform consists of simple to use mobile apps with a live online reporting dashboard where users can generate reports, improvement plans and distribute updates.

Some of our most popular audits include:

  • Suite of Infection Prevention Society QIT & RIT’s
  • Hand Hygiene: WHO 5-Moments
  • Care Bundles: CVC, PVC, UCC, VAP
  • MRSA & Isolation Precautions
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Surveys
  • Medication Incident Reporting
  • Thrombosis Risk Assessment
  • Soft FM & Building Services Audits

All of these tools can be adapted to collect data across a broad range of clinical areas, the questions and reports are fully configurable according to your own specific requirements.

Real benefits

‘If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it’ William Thompson - Lord Kelvin

We all understand the critical importance of collecting data, but getting comprehensive understanding of your entire organization is complex and labour intensive. At MEG we have created a tool that keeps all of your data in one central location and engages frontline staff with visual, interpretive apps that are easy to use. We offer;

  • More accurate, faster audits with real-time reports available 24 hours a day, allowing healthcare workers to spend more time on patient care and other IPC tasks within their role
  • Compliance calculations from your audits are available instantly to identify problem areas quickly
  • Your reporting dashboard stores all of your audit data meaning you can generate reports, track and set actions for your team effortlessly
  • Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) with easy to use “close the feedback loop” feature completes the whole auditing process

Our team of experienced software and healthcare professionals pride themselves on making applications which are tailored to local needs, user-centered and can be deployed across hospital trusts with ease.

Please contact Kerrill Thornhill for more information.


‘The infection control team in GSTT have implemented the MEG audits system based on its easy of use, quality of reports and value for money. MEG’s support and partnership in adapting the system to our needs has been very helpful and will help to maintain our hygiene standards and increase the effectiveness of our team.’
Neil Wigglesworth, Deputy Director, IPC, Guy’s & St.Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

'Here at The Christie, the Infection Prevention and Control team love MEG, it's a great piece of software and great value to use with your audit programme. As part of our feedback, we now send the monthly hygiene compliance result to all wards and departments changing how we carry out hand hygiene audits. We have trained the clinical staff in using MEG with the resultant data more meaningful which help drive and maintain standards'.
Wayne Gilbart & Gary Thirkell, IPC team, The Christie, Manchester

'The IV team in GSTT have been using the MEG audits system over the past 12 months and it has been of great benefit. It is easy to setup and use. It has significantly decreased the amount of time spent undertaking audits freeing the team up to focus on their clinical activities. The instant feedback is helping to improve standards. It has significantly simplified the process of monthly and quarterly reports that are circulated across the trust. The degree of flexibility in the system and the responsiveness of their team to our requirements has been very impressive. It is an indispensable part of our auditing and reporting process'.
Jane Hodson, Lead IV Practitioner, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

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