Half a million women a year die of breast cancer and yet if detected early enough it’s one of the most survivable cancers. Micrima believe the key is early detection.

This requires a method of imaging that is radiation free and comfortable for women so screening can be carried out frequently, from a young age, that women are willing to attend. Micrima have developed the CE marked MARIA® system which uses radio-waves and involves no breast compression.

Today it’s being used in symptomatic clinics as an adjunct to other imaging modalities to reduce the chances of missing a cancer.

In clinical trials it has proven effective at cancer detection particularly in dense tissue, which also occurs most frequently, but not exclusively in younger women.

Further development of MARIA® is ongoing using the clinical data we have, as a result of multiple trials, with machine learning we are further improving our detection and giving an indicator of likelihood of a finding being cancer, (A classifier). This is a significant step forward in breast imaging.

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