Multitone offers the health sector reliable, bespoke communications solutions. Our Multitone i-Message hybrid messaging platform is installed in hospitals across the United Kingdom, working in tandem with our pagers to ensure a quick response from clinicians when lives are in danger.

With i-Message at the heart of your facility, we are able to leverage our technology to integrate and improve communications across the board, for clinical and non-clinical teams alike. We can integrate 3rd party systems, such as security doors and fire alarms, into i-Message to provide automated alerts to select staff via multiple transmission methods, including SMS, email and pager.

We can also weave smartphones into your comms network with our powerful apps, Multitone Appear and Appear Lite. These allow you to get critical alerts with silent and DND override direct to your smartphone, as well as facilitating great communication via voice call and instant message. Messages from the app can be delivered to non-app users and even to pagers.

Finally, with i-Message, you can plug in other Multitone solutions, such as our EkoTek attack alarm system or RFID-based asset tracking. The result is a cohesive system for a safer, more efficient workplace.

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