Omnicell introduces a New Rapid Pandemic Response Scheme to support its partners in the fight against COVID19

Omnicell, a global leader in healthcare automation, has been driving innovation in medication and supply automated technology for 25 years across all healthcare settings. With the NHS under unprecedented pressure, Omnicell is supporting Trusts to quickly put in place automation which will support frontline workers to meet the increasing demand for services.

Omnicell has fast-tracked production and deployment of its XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets to where technology and support services are needed the most - whether that’s ICU/ED or new/repurposed care areas. At St Thomas’s Hospital, Omnicell staff have helped increase the capacity of two wards with additional automated cabinets - creating a brand new ICU.

Furthermore, to help clinical staff ‘onboard’ quickly, Omnicell’s Customer Solutions Team are delivering training online to free up existing Omnicell users at NHS Trusts to focus on patient care.
Understanding the extreme pressures on point of care staff, Omnicell is also offering support with building incoming new data bases.

In addition, Omnicell’s Pandemic Response Team has established procedures and protocols designed to mitigate the risk of exposure to the virus and potential impact on business operations.

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