Pestoclear C & W Ltd

Pestoclear C & W Ltd specialises in Pest Control, bird work and fumigation. Covering all aspects of pest control, commercial and domestic, Pestoclear is dedicated to bringing you the highest standard and quality at the lowest possible price, either to inspect a possible infestation or fit bird deterrents. With years of experience in pest control solutions, the company specialises in all elements of pests from ants, moths, wasps, bedbugs, birds and rodent infestations – saving you from any stress or issues.

One of the main areas of expertise is bird control from netting, spike and wire deterrents to guano removal and falconry disruption. The most effective way to keep birds off an area is by proofing, for example netting – putting up a physical barrier to stop birds accessing. Wire and spike systems are also effective for roosting sites.

Another effective way of dissuading birds from habituating to an area is via the use of falconry. Falcons and hawks are natural threats to gulls and other birds. The use of these in certain areas that invading birds are using is an effective deterrent and helps stop them returning to site.

If you have a problem with any pests from ants to birds, give Pestoclear Ltd a call for a free no obligation quote. The company is a member of the BPCA and Wirra Chamber of Commerce.

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